RIOT CEO investigated for harassment lawsuit

By Ucatchers

Full Esports - RIOT sues CEO

New clouds over the company. Since Daily esports, the news of a new investigation has jumped, as a result of a Harassment lawsuit filed against RIOT CEO, Nicolo Laurent.

The accusations come from a direct affected person, Sharon O’Donnell, who worked for the company as executive assistant. His claim reached the legal route earlier this year.

New investigations at RIOT offices for harassment

Among the accusations made by the plaintiff, according to the media, are vexations and offenses of different kinds. Also, O’Donnell speaks of unfair dismissal by the defendant directly, so the demand would be aggravated, if possible.

Apparently, this harassment was not only for O’Donnell, but was something that was repeated with a large part of the women of the company. In the words of the former worker herself, the CEO went on to say that “the best way to overcome stress during the COVID pandemic was to have children.”

To these phrases out of context and place, we should also add hints of a sexual nature, in addition to invitations to meet the CEO himself outside of working hours. After O’Donnell’s denial, the humiliations increased.

Report: Riot Games is investigating its own CEO for alleged gender discrimination against a former employee, who was terminated in July 2020.

This prompted a fresh investigation by the Labor commissioner, according to documents acquired.


– George Geddes (@GeorgeCGed) February 9, 2021

Finally, the now former employee of the company, was fired after reporting this event to the relevant department. Thus, Sharon O’Donnell ended her time in the company since she entered in 2017. This is the reason why the CEO of RIOT Games was sued for harassment.

Incredible as it may seem, this news it is not the first to happen in the company corresponding to these topics. Just over a year ago, RIOT paid up to 10 million to all people affected by gender discrimination, active or not.

We’ll have to wait to see what all this news whirlwind ends up with, which will have us all in suspense until the conclusion of this case. We trust that little by little all these cases will come to light and we will put these embarrassing events behind once and for all.

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