Richmond Receives Two New Casino Complex Proposals

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On Tuesday, North Dakota lawmakers advanced legislation for sports betting and online gambling.

This is not the first attempt at expansion of the game in the state, but this time the opposition is not so strong. According to gambling opponents, expanding the legal limits of gambling could lead to gambling addiction problems, while sponsors believe that new gambling laws could generate more revenue for the state and charitable institutions.

The powers to legalize sports betting in the state were granted to voters with House Concurrent Resolution 3032, which was supported by many members of the House. Voters would have the opportunity to decide on the 2022 elections.

If the voters decide to approve the practice, any details of the industry in North Dakota will be governed by the House Bill 1234, which also advanced this week. A five-member commission, part of the North Dakota Attorney General’s office, would establish regulation of online sports gambling in the state.

North Dakota is following the lead of many other states, which after the 2018 Supreme Court decision, seized the opportunity to legalize the practice. However, there are many other states that oppose legalization and insist on upholding their strict gambling laws.

Reb Rick Becker, Republican of Bismarck said: “By allowing people to vote for him, we put this aside once and for all.”

The bill to legalize internet poker also advanced this week. According to the Concurrent House Resolution 3012, in 2022 voters will decide the fate of online poker.

The resolution to legalize online poker was introduced by Rep. Jim Kasper, R-Fargo, who has unsuccessfully pushed the issue through the Legislature. since 2005.

He said: “There are thousands of people in the state of North Dakota who play online poker. It is not regulated; it is not taxed. ” He cited an estimate from the poker industry that his 2005 legislation would have accrued $ 500 million in annual taxes for the state.

Industry parameters would be governed by the House Bill 1389, which also advanced in the House on Tuesday.

Legal gambling on tribal lands

House Bill 1448 also advanced this week, authorizing five tribal nations to negotiate an agreement with the governor to legalize sports betting and online gambling on tribal lands, subject to passage of statewide ballot measures next year.

The bill was widely supported by both Democratic and Republican lawmakers, advocating that it establish “a level playing field” between tribal and non-tribal citizens in North Dakota in the gaming industry.

Kasper spoke out against the bill out of fear that the bill’s language could limit the legalization of online gambling to tribal lands and said tribes would have the opportunity to legalize sports betting and online poker if they were to practices are approved by voters.

Source: “Sports Betting and Online Poker Could Be on North Dakota’s Ballot in 2022”, Inforum, February 23, 2021

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