Rh3Antonio: “You can play anything on the toplane”

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In this preseason we wanted to talk to Antonio Espinosa «Th3Antonio» on the preseason changes and how these affect Top lane in Summoner’s Rift. Changes that in general lines have been received with great enthusiasm for all roles except for shooters.

Th3Antonio is one of the most recognizable faces on the Spanish scene who adds another preseason to his long history as a professional League of Legends player. At FullEsports we are reviewing the opinions of the professionals on the changes of the new season and Th3Antonio has been the most indicated to talk about the top lane. You can also see it practically daily on its official Twitch channel.

How do you handle the changes? What feelings do you have in this preseason?

Well I’m doing well. I play quietly, I don’t play a lot, a lot, but I’m streaming and so on. As for sensations, I love the game. I think the change has been good for him. So many new objects give it a new look. So many changes are cool, for people who have been playing for 7 years that there are so many changes is very cool.

Are you one of those who advises to play in preseason or better when the season starts?

What I always say is that you play when you feel like it, with preseason and without preseason. If you don’t feel like playing because the rating doesn’t count and it doesn’t motivate you, then surely rest is good for you. If you feel like it then, you will find out about all the changes and that you do better. In short, play if you feel like it.

Rh3Antonio, how do you see the metagame of the toplane?

More or less I have tried everything and everything is fine on top. The tanks are very good. Shen, Cho’gath… I have tried a lot of tanks and they are super good with the new items. The APs are also very good. I have played Viktor, Rumble, Ryze … and they are very good because there are very good objects. Also the AD with trinity like Jax, Camille… in general I think everything is fine and it is playable except the shooters.

I have tried everything but I still need to be able to tell you that it is stronger and others. I do not see anything that predominates and it depends a lot on the champion you have in front of what will be better or worse for you.

Do you think there are objects that stand out above the rest according to style?

Well, I couldn’t tell you exactly why but I do a lot with fighters the Trinity and the Titanic Hydra. When all progress will be seen right now I cannot assure you but it gives me the feeling that Trinidad, Hydra and Sterak is a very rotisserie combo. It is clear that it depends on the character and the situation but I like that combo a lot. With magicians Cosmic Impulse is super good with all the movement it gives you. Sometimes you end up doing the same things all the time. For example, you always end up doing short heals because in this game everything heals. The Liche is also made a lot with certain characters, even in Ahri.

What would you change based on what you have been able to play so far?

The subject of cures. For example, the Crackmaker item is super good but when short heals are done it is useless. That object is pretty much out. I don’t know if the cost of cutting cures would go up or the percentage of what it cuts, but cures are generally wrong. Those who have short cures are of no use to you and that with experienced players is normal.

I would also change the critics for the carrys. The objects are very bad, right now you can’t get critical with any of them since the lethality is much better. It is not enough for them, with two objects you no longer reach 50% critical that with Cait for example it was ideal. Now you need three or even four to deal damage.

Giants winner Iberian CupTh3Antonio recently got one of the few national titles he was missing: the Iberian Cup

Do you think there is a predominant style in the toplane this season? For example, you see many more tanks or fighters …

No, I’m playing everything and you can see it in my history. The same I play a Jax, I play Ryze, Jayce, Renekton or Cho’Gath. I’m playing everything and I sincerely believe that everything is correct.

What do you think we will see in competitive?

I don’t know how to tell you yet. For example, before you could blindly choose a tank like Ornn and I knew that they would not punish me excessively. But now with the new objects it is more complicated. Also in the case of Ornn they have nerfed him a lot since he can only improve his own mythical. It gives you more for each improvement but in the long run I think it is worse. At 13th level you kind of lose 3k gold on upgrades or something. We will have to see how the objects and changes are in this preseason, I can not assure you anything, I will know when we start competing.

Rh3Antonio, do you like the top lane better now?

I would say yes, with the arrival of new items more characters can be played. For example, Kayle used to be very situational and now with the new objects she is very very strong.

The average duration of the games has dropped. Do you think that in competitive we will see games as fast as now?

It gives me the feeling that now everyone has more gold. I don’t know if it’s because people stick a lot more and want to try more objects. I have the feeling of having more gold, at minute 20 I always have two objects and passively I have the same feeling, I don’t know. The games now last very very short but I don’t know if because of the changes or because the SoloQ people stick a lot and try new things.

Lastly, Th3Antonio, would you make any changes at the objective level on the map?

I think everything is well balanced but there is something that does make me angry. The power of the Elder Dragon is broken. Many times even if you play the four dragons, if the other team becomes the Elder, you are lost.

That makes me very angry and if it has happened to us in competitive that their composition or whatever they have a better moment for the Elder and they win even if you have mastered the rest of the dragons. That is why many times we leave the fourth dragon undone. I would adjust the Elder’s power to the number of dragons you have previously.

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