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Name GoldBet
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GoldBet Review


Company information GoldBet
GoldBet reserves is one of the famous and prestigious companies in Europe. It was discovered in 2000 in Innsbruck, Austria. Currently, the bookmaker is so important line contributing to the continent’s economy. Austrian authorities admitted only law in many countries around the world is a guarantee of quality, safety and reliability. The license is granted by the Tyrol government, and with a number: LLA-10 083 issued to 00/53 of 05/08/2010. The company prides itself on providing solutions for business and management experience. It also states that the local government to implement its results for review. GoldBet is a constant object monitoring are well protected by their customers. The bookmaker is proud of its financial stability, consistency and sequence.

All casino games other out GoldBet family company – GoldBet Entertainment Ltd, which is registered and licensed in Malta by government and local authorities. The license number is MGA / CL1 / 702/2010, MGA / CL2 / 702/2010, MGA / CL3 / 702/2010, MGA / CL3 / 703/2010, MGA / CL1 / 704/2010 Class 4 Amaya (Malta) ltd (SMG / CL4 / 194/2004) and MGA / CL1 / 705/2010 4 network types Entertainment Limited (Malta) Ltd (SMG / CL4 / 184/2004), all jointly issued 11.10.2011.
information Paris
This company focuses on the most popular sport line from Paris and known, and provides options to bet on them. GoldBet website to play over 22 different sports. Some of them are football, tennis, basketball, motor sports, hockey, badminton and many others. Paris offers the company not only to Europe. In baseball, for example, the company follows two major championships -. In the United States and Japan also race – Paris horse and dog racing and many other sports.

GoldBet offers its customers all kinds of casino games to play. More than 50 of them, and after night, the weekend in Las Vegas and others.

poker games are also an option. All those who want to experiment, you can choose to play in different tournaments and methods – through a special program or online.

The live broadcast is not in place. Elsewhere in Paris live. At each site complete customer statistics of the various meetings and events can and use all the options in Paris for certain types of games and options for real-time monitoring, in Paris.

The site offers live games through the current special interactive window that shows, in real time, where the ball is and games.
information classification
Manufacturers offer accurate results, plus / minus, maps, Asian Handicap, corners, goals twice DNB luck, head to head, / odd games handicap games numbers, created Paris 3, S1 winner disabilities play together playing time (3 ). Chances generally start at 1.1 and rising to 4.6 in some cases. This is possible because of the size of Paris, which enables the company to provide high probability.
Security and customer service
All data transfer with the company on the one hand, through its website and each security certificate SSL special client technology are provided by an authority.

When sensitive customers to the site as a page visit store, for example, there is a special symbol block and displays these data leaks. However, when customers surf the Internet, the icon is not blocked.

The bookmaker protects information online and offline. All files with the data stored in their offices and are well protected because the company manages all potential employees to special controls. People who work there are the best practices of e-audit and constant, etc., in order to ensure

The log files company uses for IP addresses and Internet browser ty provider

There are several ways to contact the bookmakers – E-mail, telephone and Skype. To facilitate communication with customers, the company offers multiple languages ​​on your site.
Deposits and withdrawals
Deposits by credit / debit card, virtual withdrawals, transfers or electronic purses. Only used by the client on behalf of the Trust Fund. All other measures such as transferring money from other accounts linked against the rules and will be treated as recycling. The request for withdrawal only after a qualification process, which is usually a bit ‘of data collection, such as ID, you back from the sides of the paper – debit or credit, the official document to the billing address, etc.

: Models

immediately free 10 to $ 500 – for the electronic cards and purse

5-7 days, of 10 to 500 to release more € € 250 – Transfers

3-4 days of free labor € 10 – order of international payment and control


Withdrawal usually takes three to five business days. However, if the money is processed by hand on a bench, no more than five days before the bank. At the same time, the money was transferred electronic wallet to take 24 hours to reach your destination.

They are free and do not take more than 24 hours to 7 days. The minimum is 10 euros, but there is no maximum. The only currency that bookmakers operate euro.
deposit bonus and loyalty programs
Description of the existing deposit bonus for new customers and loyal customers.

Every new player receives a bonus and regular at the casino. Each winning ticket must be added to the company for the likelihood of selection, 120% financing, each of which can be greater than 1.2.


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