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About company
Home is a bookmaker that takes one of the 50 elders around the good name of the online card game. The company is one of the oldest in Paris, founded in the spring of 1946, independent intermediaries have developed my online betting platform. The founder was William Chandler, the grandfather of Victor Chandler. And, by the name of Victor Chandler, the current president, but later the name was changed to BetVictor, because the name was more suitable for a number of international territories. Now it is in Gibraltar and the company is owned by a businessman named Michael Tabor. In 1998, the company was concerned about the tax on gambling in the UK and the family moved to Gibraltar. The bookmaker has changed its name several times, and in 2004, the President decided to call “VC Bet” for trademark reasons. In 2012, the name of Victor Chandler name “Volver, but in 2012 the company changed its name and nome’BetVictor” has remained ever since. As a member of the Paris Gibraltar Association supported Michael Tabor home-president, now more than 500,000 users in more than 160 countries. Paris offers online almost every corner of the world. online booking platform licensed sponsored the Welsh Open Snooker and worlds Matchplay Darts 2013 to 2014.
information Paris
As one of the main platforms of Paris X network home the best opportunities for online betting. Five foreign formats: Decimal (European), Group (UK), America (American style), Indochina. The site offers all the opportunities and exciting possibilities Paris Asian Handicap at all big events ungeradee too. The challenge is very simple and understandable to new users with a strong resemblance to the Paris Island Bet365. The interface is very easy to use and manage. With red and green lights, go up or down when the odds are alarmed. The list of upcoming live-headlights help you choose the event you want to bet when the time is right for you. the mobile platform is compatible with all iOS, Android, Blackberry OS and others. The owner of a Paris account in line that is flexible, with great opportunities and that every time you feel comfortable. While you are logged in, you can place your bets at any time and anywhere. You can choose sports such as basketball, volleyball, football, horse racing, tennis, boxing. football, rugby, tennis and more. Live Paris is a very attractive option that can be treated. Not only that, but you can enjoy very flexible tool “Cash” has the ability to provide funds for a particular bet, before the end of the withdrawal event.
rating information
As best platforms offering Internet Paris to house the best opportunities for online betting. Ungeradee five formats: Decimal American (European) (American style), Fraction (UK), and Indo China. All offers on this site as opportunities and exciting Paris Handicap Asia and ungeradee in many important events.

Security and customer service

At home, you can see one of the best customer service in an online betting platform. It ensures that users are always able team, 24/7 customer service to be contacted through its instant chat live. If you’re in the UK, there is the possibility of free phone. regular phone and email to all customers around the world are on hand to ensure that no matter where you ask questions and stay on all the time. As a global company, it offers its customers in the country for the following languages: English, German and Chinese. Your safety is guaranteed by a strict policy of customer identification and customer profiles. The password and the data will not be disclosed to third parties, but the customer support team, and you will enjoy Paris online experience with no worries at all. With over half a million users, the site has taken all necessary precautions to protect against data breaches and malicious attempts to compromise your account.
Deposits and withdrawals
home a few of the betting line that offers a variety of deposits in foreign currency. You can finance (10 working days) hosts many different currencies. Deposits can be made by all major credit and debit cards. Options on currencies available, see the “banks Guide” to find. As options can easily retirement money in funds with the way they have put in (debit card, credit card, bank account, etc.). maximum payout per customer is 100 000 pounds in 24 hours. suspension since winning the duration of which depends on the selected payment method. It ranges from credit / debit 3/6 days I, BACS 3 working days and 3-6 working days electronic wallet.
deposit bonus and loyalty programs
At-Home offers a wide variety of deposit bonuses to its members. You can easily track your online bonus offers such as current bet received € 10 and € 60 BetVictor Free Paris, if you make a new account. They like to please its customers with a new bonus offer each year, so do not be surprised if you find you have a lot of storage options in Paris. This page is a faithful member in exchange for loyalty and bonus opportunities. will not be long, it will be developed by a new billing system and the real advantage, because it is one of the best online bookmakers and you can be sure that they want to keep their best players happy.


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