Rell lands in League of Legends as support

By Ucatchers

This is Rell, the new League of Legends champion

Rell, the iron lady and proclaimed as «The most tank of the world’s tanks», arrives in League of Legends as last champion of the year 2020. Initially, the champion will play the role of support, although we have already seen in recent months that this can change drastically.

So, Riot Games delivers on its promise of bringing out six champions a year and in different lines, having: Sett in the toplane, Lillia in the jungle, Seraphine and Yone in the center lane, Samira as marksman and finally Rell as support.

Rell, a support capable of withstanding everything that comes its way

The The idea of ​​this bracket is that it can survive massive damage like a tank has never done before in League of Legends. Concept artist Justin “Riot Earp” Albers comments that “we loved the idea of ​​creating a tank support. It’s been a long time since we made one. In fact, Braum was the last«

Unlike Braum, this time we wanted him to have a darker past and personality. I explored various options, but everyone loved the idea of ​​mastering metal. After that, we just had to decide where Rell would come from ”. That is why the dark side of the new support champion.

Passive and Skills that will be talked about in League of Legends

The passive and abilities of the iron lady are as follows:

  • Passive – Break the mold: Rell attacks very slowly, but each hit from the champion removes armor and magic resistance from the champion, which in turn deals damage proportional to the resistances absorbed. You can absorb several champions at the same time and make it extremely tank.
  • Q – Crushing Blow: Rell performs a lunge with his spear destroying the armor and magic resistance of the opponents hit. If Rell has bonded to a teammate with E, she and her ally regain life for each champion hit with this ability.
  • W1 – Ferromancy: Fall: While mounted, jump up and transform its mount into heavy armor thus receiving a huge shield. As it lands, it lifts enemies it hits into the air. Rell can use the E and R during the transformation.
  • W2 – Ferromancy: Mount: While in armored form, you rush forward and transform his armor into a mount granting him increased movement speed. On his next attack, Rell charges at a champion to deal bonus physical damage and throw them over his shoulder.
  • E – Attract and repel: Rell magnetically binds part of his armor to an allied champion, giving him additional armor and magic resistance while in close proximity. Re-activating the ability will stun all enemies between Rell and his allied champion.
  • R – Magnetic storm: A magnetic fury grips Rell, causing him to drag nearby enemies toward her. Afterward, it creates a gravitational field around it, pulling in nearby enemies for a few seconds. This field does not interrupt the actions of your enemies so they can escape (Although not so easily).

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