Rell comes to League of Legends in version 10.25

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rell version 10.25

Preparations for the next season are continuing with the version 10.25. Upon the inclusion of the new objects on the live server, Riot Games started with its balancing policy. In the previous patch, the company decided to weaken the magic power items, since they dominated the meta as they wanted. They also increased the statistics of the critical items, although it was not enough.

The news highlighted in this 10.25 version is that Rell, the Iron Lady, will already be a playable champion. New also arrive debuffs to champions like Samira or Kaynwhile others like Anivia, Pantheon or Twitch will be a lot stronger. There will also be changes in objects, thus increasing statistics of those of support for, mythical critical hit Y mythical mana. In another order, mythical lethality ranged and the tank objects will be more weak.

10.25 Patch Notes / Image via: Riot Games

Champion debuffs in version 10.25

Amumu: Mana growth reduced (from 60 to 40). Tantrum’s basic damage [E], 75/175 to 75/155. Ultimate stun duration changed from constant 2 seconds to 1.5 / 1.75 / 2 seconds.

Annie: Molten shield bonus movement speed reduced [E] from 30/60% to 20/50%.

Fizz: Mana growth decreased from 57 to 37.

Jhin: The minimum damage ratio of the dancing grenade [Q] reduced from 45/75% to 35/65% of attack damage.

Kayle: Magic resistance decreased from 34 to 30. The damage ratio of the purifying blade passive [E], increased from 25% of ability power to 20%.

Kayn: Armor reduced from 38 to 35%. Scythe Slash Base Damage [Q] decreases from 75/155 to 65/145. Also increases its cooldown from 6/4 seconds to 7/5 seconds.

Morgana: The tormenting shadow’s damage per second [W] reduced from 12/60 (based on the opponent’s champion’s missing health) to 12/52 (based on the enemy champion’s missing health)

Samira: In version 10.25, Samira keeps enemies already raised in the air for approximately 0.5 seconds. Class critical life steal effectiveness reduced [Q] and infernal trigger [R] from 100% to 66.6%.

Champion buffs in version 10.25


  • Icy flash [Q]: Increases the speed of projectiles (950). Now chills enemies it passes through. The explosion occurs in the correct location instead of before. Cooldown reduced from 10/8 seconds to 11/7. Damage when passing through targets decreased from 60/160 (+ 45% ability power) to 50/130 (+ 25% ability power). Blast damage increased from 60/120 (+ 45% ability power) to 70/210 (+ 50% ability power). Mana cost reduced to 80/100.
  • Freezing [E]: The mana cost becomes 40 at all levels. Damage increased from 50/150 (+ 50% of ability power) to 60/180 (+ 60% of ability power).
  • Glacial storm [R]: Cooldown is now 4 / 2.5 / 1 second. Its base damage decreased from 40/80 to 30/60.

Ekko: Increases the damage ratio to monsters from 150% (limit 600) to 250% (no limit).

Gragas: Increases passive heal from 6% to 8% of maximum health. The cooling of drunken fury [W] it goes from 6 to 5 seconds.

Irelia: Attack damage increased from 63 to 65. Sword Slam cooldown [Q] goes from 12/8 seconds to 11/7 seconds.

Ivern: Root Launcher cooldown changed from 14/10 seconds to 12/8 seconds. The cooldown is also decreased from 12/8 seconds to 11/7 seconds, and his shield ratio has been reduced from 80% of ability power to 90% of ability power. Ultimate base attack speed increased from 0.623 to 0.7.

Karthus: The mana cost of sowing destruction
[Q] goes from 20/44 to 20/40. Damage ratio increased from 30% ability power to 35% ability power.

Read without: Increase the armor from 33 to 36. The Safeguard
[W] reduces its cooldown by 2 seconds (12s). The [W], Tempest, increases its damage from 80/240 to 100/260.

Lulu: Gleaming Spear base damage reduced [Q] from 80/220 to 70/220. Hitting a target with both bolts now deals 25% bonus damage. Damage is no longer reduced when passing through targets and they now deal 70% damage to minions.

Mordekaiser: Increase annihilation damage [Q] to isolated targets from 20/35% to 30/50%.

Nasus: Absorbing hit cooldown reduced [Q] from 8/4 seconds to 7.5 / 3.5 seconds.


  • Javelin [Q]: Now costs less mana (50/70). Minimum damage increased from 70/130 (+ 50% of ability power) to 70/150% (+ 50% of ability power). Maximum damage increased from 210/390 (+ 150% ability power) to 210/450 (+ 150% ability power).
  • Primary voltage [E]: Mana cost reduced from 60/120 to 50/90.


  • In version 10.25, movement speed reduced from 355 to 345.
  • Passive: Pantheon gains 5 stacks when using Retreat.
  • Kite spear [Q]: Cooldown goes from 50% to 60% when released early. Mana cost changed from 40 to 30. Now no longer slows.
  • Shield jump [W]: Base damage increased from 60/140 to 60/220.
  • Protective assault [E]: No longer blocks turret shots. Now slows 25% when changing direction. If Pantheon hits with his shield, he consumes stacks of Will and for 1.5 seconds increases his movement speed by 60%.
  • Great stellar discharge [R]: Pantheon receives 10/20/30% armor penetration. Spear that arrives before Pantheon slows by 50% in a small area.

Rengar: Healing against battle roar monsters [W] it goes from 75% to 100%. This attack deals 65/130 bonus damage to monsters.

Seraphine: Base health growth increased from 80 to 90. Surround Sound Personal Shield [W] increased by 50% and its value is now 90/180 (+ 45% ability power).

Taliyah: The consecutive blows of lanzarrocas [Q]
They no longer deal reduced damage to monsters.

Heel: Return damage from raking [W] increases from 45/125 to 45/145.

Twitch: The attack speed of the ambush [Q] increases from 30/50% to 40/60%. The slowdown of the poison barrel [W] increases from 20/40% to 30/50%. Bonus attack damage from empties magazine [R] it is now 25/40/55.

Warwick: Increase passive damage from 10/44 to 12/46 (+ 15% attack damage and + 10% ability power).

Wukong: The Nimbus Strike [E] now deals 50% more damage to monsters.

Yasuo and Yone: Attack speed growth increased from 2.5% to 3.5%.

Changes to objects


  • Collector: From this point on, death and tax executions only run on enemy champions.
  • Muramana: Now triggers with abilities that deal physical damage and basic attacks.
  • Guinsoo’s Fury Blade: Critical Damage Chance now converts to Damage on hit, taking that Critical Chance to 0%.
  • Zeke convergence: Life is decreased (300 to 250). Armor reduced (from 30 to 25). The duration of the convergence mark is increased from 4 seconds to 8 seconds. Bonus damage increased (25/50 to 30/70).
  • Seeker’s Bracelet: Ability power decreased from 30 to 20.

Support objects:

  • Bandle’s Glass Mirror: Gold cost increased from 365 to 265.
  • Technochemical Putrifier: Increases Gold cost from 450 to 550.
  • Burning censer: From this moment, it is done with forbidden idol + amplifier tome + amplifier tome + 630 gold.
  • Staff of flowing waters: It is created with Forbidden Idol + Amplifying Tome + Amplifying Tome + 630 gold.
  • Imperial mandate: Cost is now 2,500 gold. Damage is decreased (60/100 to 36/60) and allied damage is increased (60/100 to 90/150).
  • Moonstone Renovation: Now costs 2,500 gold. Heal increases to 70/100. Star Grace heal multiplier in combat changed from 25% per second (max 100%) to 12.5% ​​per second (max 50%).
  • Medallion of the Iron Solari: Cost of 2500 gold. Devotion Shield decreased from 250/420 to 230/385.
  • Shurelya’s Battle Song: Cost of 2500 gold. Inspiration bonus damage changed from 40/60 to 35/55.

Critical hit objects:

  • Hurricane wind: In version 10.25, increase attack damage from 55 to 60. Active cooldown changed from 90 seconds to 60 seconds.
  • Typhoon: Attack damage now increased from 75 to 80.
  • Essence Reaper: Increase attack damage from 50 to 55.
  • Fervor: Its cost is now 1050 gold.
  • Rapid fire cannon: Cost of 2500 gold.
  • Spectral dancer: Costs 2500 gold.
  • Lethal reminder: Increases its cost from 2900 to 3000 gold. Its damage increases from 30 to 40.
  • Memories of Lord Dominik: Attack damage changed from 30 to 35.
  • Infinity edge: Now with at least 60% critical hit chance, deals 35% critical hit.

Mythical Mana Items:

  • Luden’s Tempest: Skill speed changed from 10 to 20. Magic penetration decreased by 4 (10 to 6).
  • Eternal frost: Skill speed increased from 10 to 20.

Mythical Lethality Items:

  • Duskblade of Draktharr: Nightstalker’s hit slow only applies to melee basics.
  • Eclipse: Ranged Crescent Moon Shield changed from 100 (+ 30% bonus attack damage) to 75 (+ 20% bonus attack damage).

Tank objects:

  • Bami’s Ember: Its cost is now 1100 gold.
  • Sunfire Aegis: Life is now lower (450 to 350).
  • Frostfire Gauntlet: Frostfield Snowbound range increased from 275 to 250. Mythic passive size increase from 7.5% to 6%.
  • Turbo chemical tank: Overload slow duration changed from 2 seconds to 1.5 seconds.

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