Rekkles leaves Fnatic and joins the ranks of G2 Esports

By Ucatchers

Rekkles G2

It’s only been two days since the free agency of the market started and we already have the bomb of the year in Europe. After what Luka Perković «Perkz» decided to leave the ranks of G2 Esports to seek a new direction, the eyes of Carlos Rodríguez «Ocelote» They were put on three great shooters from the League of Legends European Championship: Elias Lipp “Upset”, Juš Marušič «Crownshot» and the least expected, Martin Larsson «Rekkles».

The new destination of Rekkles

It seems that the soap opera is finally over. After five and a half years at Fnatic, Rekkles has decided not to renew and to seek a new challenge in its future. It was the British team itself that announced the departure of the Swedish shooter through his official Twitter account. “The only sure thing in life is change. After an incredible career dressed in black and orange, Martin “Rekkles” Larsson has decided to leave Fnatic. The next time we meet will be in Summoner’s Rift. “

The only thing certain in life is change.

After an incredible career in the black and orange, Martin “Rekkles” Larsson has decided to move on from Fnatic.

The next time we meet, we meet as opponents. See you on the Rift, @ RekklesLoL.https: //

– FNATIC (@FNATIC) November 18, 2020

Those have been the words that Fnatic has dedicated to its flagship player in recent years. Now, the Swedish superstar will play in the squad led by Fabian Lohmann “GrabbZ”. In this way and, if there are no more surprises, Rekkles will share a dressing room with Martin Nordahl “Wunder”, Marcin Jankowski “Jankos”, his old partner in Fnatic, Rasmus Winther «Caps» Y Mihael Mehle «Mikyx».

Thus, on November 20, G2 Esports announced through its Twitter account the arrival of the Swedish player to its squad. It has been through a video in which Rekkles himself tells how he has felt in recent years and what his only goal is, win the World Championship.

With all this, Rekkles leaves the institution that gave him birth in the professional League of Legends. The shooter leaves behind a team with which he has dominated the bottom lane for several years and which has allowed him to win four titles from the former League of Legends Championship Series EU. Now it only remains to see how the next seasons develop at G2 Esports and if both, both the club and the player, achieve their maximum dream: win the World Championship Summoner’s Cup.

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