Reginald: $ 5,000 fine for TSM co-owner

By Ucatchers

The message is clear: Anyone in the competitive League of Legends scene must keep correct and respectful behavior on any channel, even outside the “field”. Riot Games’ $ 5,000 fine on Andy Dinh, known on the scene as Reginald, is a general warning to esports sailors, players, staff or owners. Ex-player, co-owner of TSM, one of the most important and historic organizations in the esports scene, in particular of League of Legends, Reginald let slip a few too many expressions in a tweet launched against Vulcan, current support of Cloud9, in occasion of a discussion on imports for the LCS.

As reported by Eva Swan on DotEsports, the news was anticipated by Travis Gafford, columnist of the North American competitive scene on the occasion of his streaming Hotline League: “I can tell you that I have received confirmation from Riot Games that Reginald has been fined 5,000 for inappropriate conduct.“The official regulation of the LCS 2021 contains in fact an entire section that governs behaviors prohibited and to be kept by all members of the teams participating in the circuit. In and out of the Rift. With the tweet against Vulcan, Reginald violated the aforementioned rules, inevitably encountering a fine from Riot Games.

The context, as anticipated, concerns the debate launched in recent weeks on the request made by the teams to Riot Games to remove the limit on imports, a rule that according to several owners precludes the success of American organizations at the international level. After the tweet, in any case, Reginald’s personal apologies to Vulcan arrived in a long post, trying to explain and justify the reason for such a reckless exit: “I often let my emotions take over me. This is a lesson for me “, said Andy Dinh. Apologies then confirmed by Vulcan, Gafford’s own guest “I didn’t consider it a personal offense. But as an owner I think he should show a better attitude, without attacking me the way he did.

Currently the LCS ranking is dominated by Cloud9, first in the solitary summit with 10 wins and 2 defeats. Behind them 100Thieves and TSM tied on 8-4. A length behind Dignitas, Team Liquid and Evil Geniuses, the team in which Italian Daniele “Jiizuké” Di Mauro plays.

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