Razer, new fashion collection with plastic recovered from the sea

By Ucatchers

After setting a noble 10-year long-term sustainability goal, Razer is extending its #GoGreenWithRazer campaign to help raise awareness of marine plastic pollution with a new clothing line.

Razer, a global lifestyle brand for gamers based in Irvine, California, is embracing ecology even more. The famous computer game peripheral manufacturer has announced the launch of the Kanagawa Wave Apparel collection, a range of limited edition clothing made with materials created from recovered marine plastic.

The absolute protagonist of the collection is the woodblock print “The great wave off the coast of Kanagawa”. This collection modifies the classic wood-carved waves of the Japanese painter Hokusai to include debris and pollution, to bring the 11 million tons of plastic under the eyes of the general public that end up in the ocean every year. Those familiar with Kanagawa Wave will also notice the changes in the color of the waves from the traditional blue and beige to the classic green and black color by Razer.

Other sustainability-conscious companies like Patagonia use similar practices to make clothing. The earnings from the sale of this collection will then be used to recover even more marine plastic to protect the oceans and their inhabitants. Razer will fund the removal of one kilogram of marine plastics and microplastics for each item it sells. The clothing collection will launch on April 7 at 7pm and will only be available in limited quantities.

Razer recently revealed its plans to be completely carbon neutral by 2030. The company initially decided to save 100,000 trees with its Sneki Snek campaign in October 2020. Razer has since extended its activism to save a million trees after far exceeding its initial goal. Between its commitment to becoming carbon neutral and its ongoing attempts to raise awareness on environmental issues, Razer is setting a very high bar for other peripheral companies for gaming.

Created using high quality fabrics made with 100% recycled marine plastic, the collection will include t-shirts, hoodies, tank tops, shorts and caps. The fabrics are created as part of a larger program to remove marine plastic from the seas and recycle it into useful products. Razer also claimed that this type of fabric and merchandise production could be made available to all esports organizations and tournament organizers for their branded products. The introduction of this way of doing merch may have a substantial impact on being an esports fan because by supporting your passion you are also contributing to the cleaning of the oceans.

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