Rainbow Six, the esports side gets a makeover

By Ucatchers

On Sunday all the news of the year 6 of Rainbow Six Siege. The development team shared their plan and priorities during the Future of Siege panel, including the brand new Rainbow Six Siege season which will be called as we anticipated Crimson Heist.

Six Invitational 2021 postponed to May

The good news, however, does not end there. Because in addition to the usual changes that anticipate the arrival of the new season and that will affect the goal, Ubisoft revealed numerous news on the esports side. The first, the most awaited one and which concerns us closely, is the announcement of the shift of the Six Invitational (also in Paris, ed) in May to replace the Six Major. All confirmed, therefore, in view of the coming months. THE Mkers and the Italian fans can breathe a sigh of relief. As for the global majors, they will make their return to the competitive scene as early as this year and the next Six Invitational scheduled for 2022 will take place again in Montreal.

Here is a full update on Season 2021, including awaited news on our plans for the delayed #SixInvitational 2021! 👀

– Rainbow Six Esports (@ R6esports) February 21, 2021

Rosters change

Big changes also for the rosters. From now on, in fact, each team will be able to sign a maximum of 12 players. A necessary choice to diversify the rosters in the various competitions. Let’s try to make everything more understandable with a practical example. The G2s or Rogues, who are considered a Tier 1 team, participated in the GSA (the equivalent of our PG Nationals, ed) along with other Tier 3 teams. Here it comes into play Ubisoft, which amends the rules and allows organizations to create a second team for national championships. Excellent intuition, right? Maybe the same organizations will be able to create the players of the future at home with a gradual integration project.

The news of the European League and Challenger League

European League Chapter: draws will be removed, with the addition of overtime. Three points to be won for each success, while the victories and defeats in the extra time will give two and one point respectively. The format will still remain a Best-of-One. The Challenger League, on the other hand, will also see changes to its qualifiers. Nothing changes for the nine winners of the national championships and the two teams that between relegation and Relgation have not centered access to the European League, namely MnM Gaming and Chaos EC. These will be joined by others five teams from qualifying to create a league of 16 teams.

7 days of playdays, a super week, BO1 round robin, and no more draws! # R6EUL in 2021 🔥 pic.twitter.com/HlVxqB1XgQ

– Rainbow Six Esports EU (@ R6esportsEU) February 21, 2021

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