Rainbow Six, Sunday 21 February all the news of the year 6

By Ucatchers

Exactly seven days have passed since the postponement of Six Invitational. The most important competitive event of Rainbow Six Siege, due to the restrictions applied by the French government, it was postponed to a later date. To date, no cancellation of the event. Everything will be rescheduled in the coming months. It is not yet known how and when, given that the pandemic is still underway, but at the moment this seems to be Ubisoft’s position.

The Six Invitational 2021 has been postponed, but we can’t close the year without announcing what’s coming! 🔥🔥🔥
Get ready for all the announcements about the future of Rainbow Six Siege 📅 Sunday, February 21st
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– Rainbow Six IT (@ Rainbow6IT) February 10, 2021

Sunday 21 Februaryin the meantime, they will all be announced anyway the news of the year 6 by Rainbow Six Siege. The development team will share their plan and priorities during the panel Future of Siege, including the brand new season of Rainbow SIx Siege which according to rumors it should be called Crimson Heist. As regards the new operator, however, space a Flores and its explosive drone. In any case, take this news with a grain of salt that are the result of rumors collected by simple users on Reddit. Indiscretions which, in the past, in the vast majority of cases were then confirmed. We, however, always prefer to leave the benefit of the doubt.

Also on the occasion of the Future of Siege panel, some of Rainbow Six Siege’s most important content creators will compete online in one showmatch. Up for grabs, $ 50,000 which will be donated to AbleGamers charity. A charity that continually strives to create play opportunities to foster inclusive communities, combat social isolation and improve the quality of life of people with disabilities. Among the competitors, youtubers of a certain thickness like Macie Jay is Narcoleptic Nugget. Players will compete in a best of three map challenge in three iconic events: Rainbow is Magic, Golden Gun and Stadium.

Our hope is that in the course of the next international events there is room for some of our content creators. A necessary note, because even here in Italy there are prominent youtubers and streamers who do a lot for the community. And this could be the right recognition.

🏆Week 3/5 – Can you push through till the end?

🏟️See you in the Stadium!

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