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Top 5-Pg Nationals

“First appointment with our Top 5. We will collect from week to week those who for us were the best players in the Rainbow Six Siege Pg Nationals”.

First day as predicted in Pg Nationals of Rainbow Six Siege. THE Macko, reigning champions, knock out the Outplayed at the end of a tight and hard-fought match only in the early stages (7-4). All easy, however, for the Mkers who handle the IGP practice with a clear 7-0. Bitter debut also for Cyberground Gaming forced to succumb to the overwhelming power of Notorious Legion (7-1). To close the evening the Hmble, who suffer against the Reply Totems, but take home the victory (7-4).

In the meantime, we at EsportsMag.it welcome you to our first appointment with the “Top 5” of Pg Nats. As you can easily understand from the name, we will collect from week to week those who for us are the five best players in the league. However, a necessary clarification must be made. Players are not collected based on the roles they hold in their teams. There will therefore be no space only for those who have made the most kills. We are going to reward players from time to time based on their performance.

T3b (Macko Esports): Sing and carry the cross in the early rounds on offense, where the Macko have a hard time taking the right measures to defend the Outplayed. His double killing at the change of roles puts the work of his team downhill, later able to overturn the dispute. Now it is no longer surprising for the coldness with which it handles the most complicated situations. We imagine him repeating several times to his companions “Ice in my veins”.

Yzn (Outplayed): With Aruni in the defensive rounds it is a continuous sentence. It starts immediately with three kills in the first round and repeats with a quadruple before the change of roles. He does what he wants during the momentary 4-2. Play cat and mouse with Keenan, maintains verticality in the kitchen site and slows the advance of the Macko falling like skittles. He lost completely in attack, but his excellent performance remains despite the defeat.

Aqui (Mkers): The gap between the Mkers and the Igp is too clear. Play on velvet and spin around the map like any other terrorist hunt, repeatedly bringing home the heads of your opponents. Loses the status of Aqui the immortal only in the last round, where it is Falco who ruins his score.

NoAir (Notorious Legion): You know when you miss the last one for soccer and call the less talented friend to reach the quota? Here, the exact opposite. Replacing Sloppy is not an easy thing. He, however, draws from the cylinder the most classic performance of the former.

Carzi (Hmble): Warzonata? On the momentary 2-2 he enters the site with the bravado of the Call of Duty player, seats two of them, places the defuser and goes hunting for Gamma. Result: clutch, round won and a quadruple that will end by right in the top 5 of Raf (Ciao Raf!) of the Rainbow Six Italian Community. This is enough to assign him a place among the best here too.

. @ carziR6 😱😱😱 # PGNATS pic.twitter.com/U0nn5IFhez

– Rainbow Six IT (@ Rainbow6IT) April 7, 2021

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