Rainbow Six, foreign rosters in the Nats: word to RRock and Qaentin

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In the Rainbow Six Siege community a debate has opened about too many foreign players protagonists in the next Pg Nationals. We talked about it with RRock and Qaentin, manager of Macko Esports and Outplayed.

In the last Promotion Tournament of Pg Nationals of Rainbow Six Siege we have seen numerous overseas rosters. So much so that in the community, trying to find an ironic key, we started talking about the French championship rather than the Italian one. Some organizations have done well, as in the case of Outplayed is Totem Esports. Others hurt, with Cyberground Gaming and Mad Wizards losing their slots. So why have so many organizations decided to rely on foreign players? We tried talking about it with Luca “RRock” Allocca is Antonio “Qaentin” D’Auria, respectively manager of Macko Esports and Outplayed.

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“I state that what I am about to say – the words of RRock – does not represent Macko’s thinking, but it is my personal opinion gained after years of esports and as a content creator. I often hear about the lack of professionalism on the part of Italian players and never about the influence that the Italian ecosystem has on them. The professionalism of the players grows in step with the reality in which they live. The closer you are to a professional environment, the more you learn about its structural dynamics and attitudes. It is not for nothing that the Italian names that revolve around this panorama are always the same and we rarely see anyone new ”.

For the Macko manager, the lack of specialized figures is one of the problems: “In Italy we are growing, organizations are increasingly structured and learn from the mistakes of the past, but some fundamental specialized figures are still missing. For example, there is a lack of support for younger people and those who are called “talent scouts” often don’t even know the game. Or I very often see a person who holds multiple roles as a whole thing within the staff. With the introduction of the academy something is moving. This tool, however, is still taken lightly by some ”.

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So what could be the best way to balance Italian players with foreign ones? “Investing in trained staff who give active support can prevent safer solutions from being sought outside the Bel Paese. Reintroducing the 3/5 rule could be a loophole, not a solution. The problem of lack of professionalism would always remain. Creating heterogeneous teams can however help Italians to learn from their peers. I have had players who, thanks to the contribution of foreigners and their experience, have grown considerably. The same goes for the coaching staff, we have very few Italian coaches and analysts and among these those with experience can be counted on the fingers of one hand “.

Qaentin of the Ops, on the other hand, emphasizes another discourse. That is, there is no foreclosure against Italian players. “For about five years – admitted Antonio D’Auria – with the very young on consoles we have become the reference point of the competitive scene. This is to show that there is no foreclosure towards our young people. Also on PC we have always had Italian rosters. The cards on the table changed during the Relgations of the last Winter Split, where things did not go well, unlike this last Split. By this I mean that there is no magic formula to win. We try to do our best regardless “.

In confirmation of this thesis, Qaentin himself told us an emblematic episode: “Before taking on the last European roster with which we qualified for the next Pg Nationals I tried in every way to rely on Italian players. We also wanted to try to sign a roster that made the qualifiers. My proposal was rejected. Everyone makes their own choices, God forbid, but we did not play to the bottom because Italians. The economic proposal was the same and identical to that made on the current European Outplayed roster ”.


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The problem, therefore, could be linked to a mental step that some players still have to do: “As for the application to work, I believe that few Italians are able to work seriously. Those who do it on Rainbow Six are already in top teams like Mkers and Macko. Last anecdote: we were recently contacted by an academy. Support was needed for signing up for a minor tournament. We did it precisely to encourage five young Italians. Do you know how it ended? They disbanded for no reason and were subsequently disqualified from the tournament. Do not pass, therefore, the idea that we do not want to trust Italians or that they are not up to it. We tried in every way to get them, but someone didn’t know how to take advantage of the opportunity. Let’s say that with a pinch of humility and awareness of one’s own means, the situation would improve ”.

We don’t want to condition your thoughts about it in any way. Our goal was to create a comparison. Both speeches, however, although different in some respects are similar in others. While it is true that often one has to deal with organizations unprofessionalon the other hand, some players also need to mature in mentality. In conclusion, an absolute truth does not exist. Everyone works according to what are their own needs. The reintroduction of the old regulation in the upcoming Rainbow Six Siege Winter Split could extinguish some controversy, but to take a further step there is still a long way to go both on one side and the other.

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