R6: Six Invitational postponed for Covid-19

By Ucatchers

It was to be the first live event for Rainbow Six Siege, even without an audience, after a year: the last one was the Six Invitational 2020 in Montreal. Yet even the Six Invitational 2021, starting on February 9, for the first time in Europe, precisely in Paris, was sentenced to suspension. The cause, once again, is Covid-19.

The most important Rainbow Six Siege tournament, recognized as the world title Ubisoft, in recent days it had been the subject of several rumors, including those reported by the authoritative Brazilian portal Globo.com. Globo himself had brought as a testimony that of the Brazilian teams who would have been informed several days ago by Ubisoft of the suspension of the event, confirming to the various organizations the need not to leave for the Old Continent.

Although Ubisoft acted well in advance, meticulously providing for every single procedure for teams, guests, casters and anyone else who should participate in the live event, including very precise pads and protocols, last Friday the French government decided to block travelers from outside the European Union, in attempt to contain the increase in the number of Covid-19 cases in the country. This measure entered into force the following Sunday, or January 31, making it impossible for the arrival not only of numerous players but of different figures, including technicians and talents, called to make the Six Invitational a unique event.

An important message on the #SixInvitational 2021 following the closure of the French borders to all non-EU passengers.

We thank you for the immense support and understanding.

Full message: https://t.co/QbLpKn2Ojf pic.twitter.com/4hd5YOCxUv

– Rainbow Six IT (@ Rainbow6IT) February 4, 2021

A few weeks ago, the Australian team of Wildcard Gaming he had been forced to renounce participation due to the lack of authorization from his government to leave, but above all to return home. The Six Invitational on the other hand, as anticipated, is the real world of Rainbow Six Siege which boasts the participation of teams from four geographical regions: Asia-Pacific, Europe, South America (plus Brazil which is a region in itself ) and North America. For the first time in history, an Italian team, the Mkers, would also participate after the triumph in the qualifying tournament.

The close collaboration between Ubisoft was not enough, ACEPS, the French health and safety agency, and the government of Paris, dedicated to finding a safe environment for the players and all the tournament staff to ensure that it runs. Covid-19 will therefore force the publisher to completely review their event and check the possibility of playing it elsewhere and / or at another time of the year.

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