Qualifier of the Red Bull Campus Clutch, the Nigiri team passes

By Ucatchers

The winning team is the eighth and last team to win a ticket to the next stages of the world’s largest university tournament dedicated to Valorant.

Italian university students battled over Valorant also in the eighth and last national Qualifier of Red Bull Campus Clutch, which ended on April 27. The teams involved in the competition have shown, as has become tradition, skills and desire to win worthy of the best players of the Riot Games tactical shooter, making it clear to the numerous and passionate public connected from home that the Campus Clutch is really one of the most interesting and fun to follow of the 2021 export season.

To take the field on Bind to win the last slot to access the final stages, it was the Fratm against the Nigiri, who, after a basically one-sided battle, they managed to get the better of their opponents, registering a score of 13 to 2. A net result also the son of the numerical inferiority of the Fratm, who participated in the competition in 4, but did not fail to assert themselves, making the game exciting and spectacular for the public connected from home. .

With the arrival of the Nigiri team at the Group Stage, the picture of the best teams that took part in the Qualifiers is completed and that they will compete in the following phases, where they can really show off all their skills to reach the final goal. In fact, starting from 7 May, the Group Stages will begin, the last obstacle before the much desired National Finals, a real baptism of fire for the teams that have reached this important milestone. The teams involved, namely the Fareshi, the Reply Totem, the Handless, the Fdp University, the Infinitus, the Cus Torino, the DcoNpressioN and the Nigiri, have shown during the qualification process that they are organized, aggressive and, above all, eager to climb the stage of the final at any cost.

Red Bull Campus Clutch goes live with a series of challenges that promise to be truly unmissable for all fans of Valorant and esports in general, demonstrating match after match how the largest university tournament in the world is one of the unmissable events of the 2021 competitive season at an international level! Who will win and manage to snatch a ticket for the Final?

All that remains is to count the days left to the Group Stage, appointment fixed for the weekend of 7 and 8 May on the Red Bull Italia Twitch channel!

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