Pur3WIT adds to its mystery with a six-figure win at the GGMasters High Rollers

By Ucatchers

The most striking results of the Red this weekend came to GGPoker, where ours tried to take advantage of the overlays in the parallels.

GGPoker WSOP Super Circuit

GGPoker WSOP Super Circuit

GGPoker has accumulated almost all of the most outstanding results of the Spanish players in exile during this weekend.

At the moment, the Asian room is the only one that has a festival running, the WSOP Super Circuit, which is very similar in format to live dating, with 18 official events awarding the renowned circuit ring as a prize and a panoply of parallel tournaments around it, mixing special tournaments with enhanced versions of daily lobby events.

The bags of the official tournaments are not in danger. The festival’s Kick-Off has turned its guaranteed million into a purse of $ 1,723,436. However, side events have experienced an unusually high percentage of overlays, perhaps showing a small exhaustion from the players after several intense weeks of multi-room brawling to take advantage of the Spring Festival, SCOOP and Powerfest.

The GGMasters High Rollers $ 1,050 It is one of the usual tournaments in the weekly calendar that have kept their own meaning and have avoided the WSOP Circuit label, but on the contrary it has been one of the clearest cases of overlay of the day, with 862 registrations of $ 1,050, clearly insufficient to cover the seven promised starting figures.

The winner has been a nick that plays with the Andorran flag and that we have been following for some time, “Pur3WIT”. Before it was easy to include it in generic summaries, where falling into the nationality error would be less striking, but in this case the $ 140,355 that corresponds to him for his magnificent triumph They are, in addition to a cover-worthy bolonazo, the best prize of his career in GGPoker. Furthermore, it represents a quarter of the total prizes obtained by “Pur3WIT” in the room, a figure that has just surpassed $ 500,000 thanks to this great boost to its bank.

Given the possibility that this player is not Spanish, I ask you to keep looking down the list a bit and let it reach the eighth place where is “Little Pepe”, that this one is confirmed to be one of us, Juanki Vecino, to be exact (8th, $ 20,292).

Another that offers zero doubts is Juan Pardo, that the only thing that has changed for his nickname is the order of his surnames. Malaka made it to the final table of the WSOPC High Rollers: $ 5,250 Sunday 500 with your first and only input, greatly increasing the EV + of your Final 7th place (7th, $ 24,257) in a field of 98 records – another very slight overlay over the original $ 500,000.

To complete the report on Sunday’s achievements, it is best to generate a comprehensive list of the rest of the Red’s FTs.

  • Little pepe“, 6th in the High Rollers Supersonic Bounty $ 525 (56 records, $ 2,160).
  • Lorraine800“, 3rd in the Sunday Special $ 125 (1,379 registrations, $ 11,875).
  • TRUST88“, 10th at the WSOPC Series: $ 525 Bounty Hunters HR Main Event (2,111 registrations, $ 7,421).
  • Fossao“, 6th in the Bounty Hunters Sunday Special $ 126 (1,065 registrations, $ 2,808).

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