Pro Evolution Soccer 2020

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Hi to all our readers and welcome to our esports section. This time, we are going to speak of one of the most famous esport ever that goes, in some way, hand in hand with gist titles like FIFA 2020. We are refering to Pro Evolution Soccer 2020, a fantastic game that everyody should try.

Created and produced by the giat company Konami, this title means a revolution of the sport genre. It can even dispute the throne of FIFA 2020 as a true king of sports. As famous as NBA2K, this amazing game combine an amazing gameplay and also really important tounaments, and that’s the reason for its booming success. Let’s analize why Pro Evolution Soccer 2020 has become so popular as an esport and your chances to betting on the game.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2020 Esport game

Pro Evolution Soccer is a series of individual football soccer titles created by Konami in 2001. Due to its astonishing popularity, this title ranks among the best-selling video games franchises of all times. Since its arrival in PS2, over 100 million copies were sold in the world, and even nowadays, millions of players continue asking for more.

It’s impossible for players not to compare this title with FIFA2020, as both of them represent  the best expression of the most populat sport in the world. Even when fans of FIFA 2020 underline the longetivity of the classic football soccer game to make a point regardind endurance, Fans of the PES point out the gameplay and the intuitivity of passing shoots.


To increase popularity, Konami created a major cup in 2009, when the franchaise won the rights to the UEFA Champions League. What is more, one year later, in 2010, the first PES world final championship was held in Spain. After that, the company took part officially of a partnership with Conmebol to introduce South American football soccer in the tournaments.

Thanks to the development of the PES League and the eFootball Pro League Soccer in the market, the rivalry of this title with FIFA is increasing.

Tournaments and Leagues

Even though EA Sports holds the right for the most famous soccer tournaments and leagues, Pro evolution Soccer also presents some important competitions that are celebrated every year and that have paved the way for the success of this spectacular game as a successful esport.

E- Football Pro League

Launched in 2018, this league has the Camp Nou as one of its main attractions, so a team of such a level like the Spanish Barcelona is more than welcome in the franchaise and, of course, in the league. You can also find in this club-based esports football league others important teams such as Nantes, Schalke, Celtic and Monaco, among others.

PES League 2020

There is no doubt that the PES League is the official Pro Evolution Soccer esports championship. Created in 2010, it was an exclusive 1 vs 1 tournament until 2018. then, Konami included the beautiful event 3 vs 3. You can read more information about this league in the official webpage.

How to Bet on Pro Evolucion Soccer 2020 Esport

First at all, even though there are now hundreds and hundreds of online bookmakers that accept bets on soccer gaming, you should always pay attention to licences and regulations in accordance to your country. Bear in mind that illegal gambling means also future problems.

In reference to the betting chances,  they are not so many different from the ones that you can make on live football soccer, that is to say, you can find online casinos that offer the following options as a kind of standard betting. Let’s see the list with some of those possibilities that you can find in the gambling market.

  • Match betting
  • Handicap odds
  • Over or under lines
  • Final score
  • Half betting

Of course, variations of this list can occur depending on the online casino you choose to play on. You should keep in mind that this a beautiful esport game, so our recommendation for you is not only to bet on it but also to enjoy it. By doing it so, you’ll dicover that’s it’s worth a try.

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