Previous LCS Lock In: ​​The beginning of a new great national competition

By Ucatchers

Full Esports- LCS Lock In

To inaugurate the competition in the West, from Full Esports we bring you the preview of the LCS Lock In 2021. This early season tournament will be the starting point for all the new quintets in the region. A new format that ensures surprises, with two seeds (FlyQuest and TSM), who choose teams in draft, to form two groups of five. Of these two leagues with only round and matches to the best of one, the first four will come out. After this we will only have a traditional playoff format, with quarterfinals, semis and grand final.

100 Thieves, one of the most promising teams in this LCS Lock In preview

The 100 Thieves organization comes to this 2021 after a very poor year in terms of results, but rich considering the workforce. For this new season it is committed to a united block that is already known, plus the renewal of its star.

Yes Closer and Damonte continue to grow as they did during the summer season (5-6), the team can fight to be in the second echelon of the competition. Getting into comfortable playoffs is the goal.

Kim Chan-ho “Ssumday”. In the organization since the end of 2017, from Dignitas. It’s his year to stand out once again as the team’s main weapon..

Cloud9, five nationalities and one goal; to be champions again

Without a doubt Cloud9 has been one of the teams that has moved the most the previous season of this LCS Lock In, and not only in the main team. The departure of a heavyweight like Liquorice can only be replaced by a young man with a future as bright as Fudge. Further, both in the starting five and in the coaching staff are old acquaintances.

Luka Perkovic “Perkz”. His return to the central street, leaving G2 for the first time in many years, his reunion with ZvenThere is no shortage of narratives for fans this year.

Cloud9 LCS ChampionC9 will once again be a team with aspirations to win it all | Source: Riot Games

CLG, try to improve but with the leftovers of the rest

The successes achieved with that team of Aphromoo, Doublelift or Darshan, among others. After a tenth and ninth place respectively in 2020, the club seeks to turn the situation completely. Finn, Solo, Broxah, WildTurtleThey are the names that other clubs have discarded, but that CLG seeks to reform.

Finn Wiestal “Finn”. End of the year 2019 spectacular, 2020 weak. That’s the summary of Finn’s career in the top competition. With the arrival of a new team and a looser league a priori, the Swede is expected to have wide band to deploy his power with his comfort champions.

Dignitas, the team of the American people

In a league where foreigners are the order of the day, it is rare to see a team with five residents of the region. Perhaps that is why the pools mark it as one of the worst teams in the tournament. Bet on less experienced players like Soligo, FakeGod or Neo and wait for the miracle.

Joshua Hartnett “Dardoch”. The American jungle is always a spectacle, for better or for worse. Able to win games on his own or go unnoticed for weeks. A key season for his future in a team from which nothing is expected.

Evil Geniuses, one of the winners of the LCS Lock In checkbook.

The bet on proven players like Bang, Zeyzal and Huni It didn’t work, but EG owners don’t seem to care. To alleviate this situation, players with a probably higher salary are hired, and even so they do not seem to be a team or medal. To dream of what the Koreans generate, once again.

Lee Dong-geun “Ignore”. Few supporters usually signal with the star poster of their team, but after 2020 we cannot not do it. One of the top managers of taking FlyQuest to the World Cup, with two consecutive second places. Pure fun.

FlyQuest, the LCS team you’ll love in no time

An organization aware of the environment, which came to the last World Cup with a quintet a priori to make half a table. Do you need more reasons? Well there are. Three Canadians and the three from C9 (another cool club), one Johnsun that left good sparkles in Dignitas and the main course; Josedeodo.

Cristian Palafox “Palafox”. A quintet with five players who can take the baton, but our chosen one is Palafox. One of the main architects of the results obtained by C9.A. If you do not know what versatility is, come and see.

Golden Guardians, low table but betting on national talent.

GG is that team that lets its entire quintet go after getting into the playoffs and signs a team that is less striking. You bring one of the best second-rate midfielders, you bet on Argentine support, you take out Stixxay CLG, and if that were not enough, your jungle and your top have not played a single game in either the LCS or the academy league. Illusions.

Nicholas Abbott “Ablazeolive”. After three years giving what to talk about in NA academies, finally a team gives him the opportunity to prove himself “with the elders.” Azir and Viktor their best champions, which says a lot about their play style.

Immortals, one of the main unknowns of the previous LCS Lock In

In the academy you have Pretty or Topoon, a couple from Oceania in bot with Destiny As support, Xerxe in the jungle and Guilhoto as a coach. We honestly do not know what can come of here, although the near future does not seem to be great. Praying that it’s not an Origin 2.0

Andrei Dragomir “Xerxe”. The Romanian jungler has gone from being one of the best in his position to having a horrible 2020, like the rest of his team. This is your chance to show that he is still a more than solvent player.

Team Liquid transfersAlphari will be surrounded for the first time in his career with a team capable of winning it all | Source: Riot Games

Team Liquid, one of the quintets with the greatest projection in recent memory.

From winning four consecutive LCS titles to being ninth and third respectively in 2020. The arrival of the best jungle in the region this past year and one of the best in his position in the whole of the West to the top, smiles back at fans by Team Liquid. Undoubtedly, it is positioned as the team to beat.

Barney Morris “Alphari”. The dreams of European boys and girls come true. At last the British player will have a team designed solely to win. Mark history as Impact looks complicated, but we all hope to see what it is capable of.

TSM, prior to a generational change without young people to support it

Broken blade, Bjergsen, Doublelift, Biofrost… The team with which TSM returned to the World Cup after years of traveling through the desert is completely separated, including the great legends. Although the parts are exciting, they are not young promises to build on, but rather a quick way to fight for everything. The motto that sounds in the club offices right now is win or win.

Hu Shuo-Chieh “SwordArt”. That in a team with Huni, PoE or Spica They mark you as a star says a lot, but none of the above has reached a World Cup final. We are probably before the last bullet of the mythical Taiwanese support, and we must enjoy it before it is too late.

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