Previous LCK: New competition in the middle of a generational change

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FullEsports - The LCK changes its format for the Playoffs phase

From Full Esports we are pleased to present the preview of an LCK that we hope will be quite a show. This Wednesday the 13th, Korea returns as one of the most interesting and competitive leagues on the planet, but this time it comes full of news.

Afreeca Freecs, changes so that everything remains the same.

The team enters this spring season after several major losses. To withdrawal Spirit we have to add the march of Mystic to JDG, leaving the group orphaned of one of its leading figures this past season.

To make up for the casualties, a mixture of veteran and proven youth has been sought. Lehends will take on the supporting role, while an old Korean legend like Bang will be the main shooter of the club. The fourth place in the summer of last year seems difficult to improve, a priori.

Kim Gi-in «Kiin«. Considered as one of the best players in the world in his position, his team’s tournament baggage is poor. A single KeSPA Cup in his record, which he hopes to find company soon.

DWG KIA, ready to sow the reign of terror.

2021, DWG KIA 의 신규 엠블럼 을 공개 합니다!

담원 게이밍 의 민트 칼라 에 블랙 을 더해 젊고 강렬한 이미지 를 담았 으며, 완벽한 팀워크 를 상징 하는 육각형 을 기반 으로 Victory 를 형상화 해 빠르고 힘있게 뻗어 나갈 의지 를 표현 하였습니다.

2021 시즌 DWG KIA 에 많은 응원 부탁 드립니다. # DWGKIA #DK

– DWG KIA (@DWGKIA) January 7, 2021

The current world champion reaches this LCK with a single casualty. The output of Nuguri heading to FPX is supplied with the arrival of Khan, from the same set. In addition to this, the organization has been reinforced with a quality coaching staff recognized throughout the world. kk0ma and PoohManDu They come to the club wanting to repeat past successes. The recent victory in the KeSPA Cup shows that they do not come to walk.

Heo Su «Showmaker«. The central lane is at 20 years old one of the visible faces of a league as important as the LCK. If he is able to play at the level shown last year alongside his jungle, few rivals will find that they can overshadow him..

DRX, prior to an announced rebuild.

Little remains of that DRX that arrived at the World Cup a few months ago. Except Pyosik, all have left looking for new projects. Not counting the pair of upper lanes (Kingen returns to the country after passing through the LPL), the rest of the team leaves the formation, waiting for a miracle like the one that happened with the Pyosik-Keria couple. Be careful with the center lane, SOLKA, because at 18 may be one of the future stars of the LCK.

Hong Chang-hyeon “Pyosik”. Captain of a ship that seems to sail lost after the end of a winning project. It’s your chance to become one of the best junglers in the competition, if it is not already.

FullEsports - LCK franchisesBoth LCK and LCK CL will be closed systems by 2021 | Source: LCK_Globals

Fredit BRION, a market of opportunities in Korean format

The new renamed organization takes the only quota from CK for the franchise league. The only player left from the old quintet is Hena. The rest is a medley between teams as varied as Jin Air, Vici Gaming, Griffin or the T1 academy. What is known as seize market opportunities.

Park Jeung-hwan “Hena”. His time at the club and his tenure in the starting five seems to indicate that he will be one of the cornerstones on which to build. Even so, your teammates are expected to grow as players too.

Gen.G, one more year, Ruler already dreaming

Any team that has Ruler must be mentioned as a tournament contender. Even so, the sensations are not entirely good at first During the season finale we could see how Gen.G was a flat team, with very similar ideas and that it was difficult to adapt. However, Renowned changes have not come to revolutionize what already exists. From Full Esports we are left with Burdol, a top 17-year-old who has just turned 17 who arrives from T1 to fight for the position.

Park Jae-hyuk “Ruler”. Champion of a World Cup and runner-up in another, second in the last spring LCK … And one of the best shooters in the world today. There are plenty of reasons why everyone should see every Korean map.

Hanwha Life, one of the most colorful teams in the LCK preview

After several failed attempts to form a winning quintet with players like CuVee or ViperIt seems that this will be the year they are closest to achieving it. In the preview of a generational change in the LCK, Hanwha’s team is presented with a young stocking, only broken by Deft. Yes Morgan shows a better face than in China and they hit the key in the jungle, Hanwha is a contender for high positions.

Jeong Ji-hoon “Chovy”. He leaves Griffin as a player of the future, leaves DRX as one of the present and arrives at his new club wanting to conquer the world. Two World Cups in two years with organizations that had never been. Your goal is to repeat.

KT Rolster, the village team we all support.

Gone are the glorious times with Smeb, Score, Bush and company in which KT was favorite to all. Not happy with that, cWhen new sap appears to sprout on the tree, it is cut immediately. The exit of the undrinkable from last season (Aiming), is replaced by rejections of other teams or future tests. Nobody behind the wheel.

Lee Gwang-su “Bonnie”. Highlights of KT’s third and fourth place in the KeSPA Cup. If you get a good synergy with Ucal or Doran, can give game.

Liiv SANDBOX, the eternal seems so.

Incomprehensible transfers, arrival to the coaching staff of a European, going from being second in the KeSPA to fighting not to be relegated … A team that seemed to touch the World Cup, but that is content to be middle table. The arrival of Efort by Kabbie Nor does it appear to be a substantial improvement to their aspirations. In this preview of the LCK, everything seems to indicate that the positions above will be expensive for them.

Park Woo-tae “Summit”. Suffering brother of Kiin, because the two are locked in teams that do not fight for anything. As in football, balls to him to invent. It could be one of the last opportunities to do something important with the team that saw him grow.

NS RedForce, to run in spring to run in summer.

Like BRION, a team made of market opportunities and free players, but which is much more exciting. Their performance in the KeSPA Cup has been quite remarkable, and they could continue to improve. Watch out for the Deokdam-Kellin duo.

Han Wang-ho “Peanut”. The Korean player changes clubs again (7 teams in 7 years), and hopes to repeat the successes achieved by Chinese lands. Korea fans hope he will apply his characterizing aggressiveness to his new organization.

Full Esports - LCK 2021LCK flag with logo rebranding | Source: LCK_Globals

T1, the eternal aspirant to everything.

Few changes, but the ones that exist excite everyone. The arrival of Zeus aims to give more competitiveness to a team in which any position fights. Further, The constant plea of ​​T1 fans comes true: Efort steps out to introduce one of Korea’s greatest talents; Keria. The generational change makes its way.

One of the last seasons for the most veteran before the Gumayusi and Clozer take the final jump on duty. TWe all want to see the Demon King raise a new cup again.

Lee Sang-hyeok “Faker”. Anyone could be the star in a squad infested with them. However, no one is crazy enough not to mention the greatest player of all time. After running out of the World Cup, he comes with the desire to sweep in this 2021.

So far the preview of the LCK, a competition that we all look forward to. It is time to show that what DWG achieved was no coincidence.

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