Prediction LOL: Rare Atom – Invictus Gaming

By Ucatchers

The final stages of the major leagues begin. This time we are going to final phase of the LPL, the Chinese league. After a regular phase dominated by timeless Royal Never Give Up and Edward Gaming, we reached the playoffs where everything will be decided in the best of five games. On this occasion, we have chosen for our lol forecast the match that will face Rare Atom against Invictus Gaming.

The 2018 world champions against the old Vici Gaming, which the makeover has done very well.


In this first phase of the playoffs, teams come up with different dynamics. The fees are very marked by these dynamics and by the name of Invictus Gaming. Throughout the season, both teams have given very different feelings and this match should have good odds for a forecast that should be easy.

On the one hand, we find Rare Atom, which have made a very good regular phase. They have really surprised because nobody perhaps expected them to give such a level. Led by the mythical FoFo in the midlane and with the talented adcarry iBoyThey have had a great season.

In their direct confrontation this season against Invictus Gaming they took the 2-0 win fairly easily in both games. Your fee, as we have commented before, comes from a streak of 3 consecutive defeats and the very name of its historically superior rival.

Week 10 LPLWeek 10 LPLiBoy, Rare Atom adc and key player on the team | Source: LPL

From the other extreme, we find the former world champion a few years ago, Invictus Gaming. Although it is true that they maintain part of the spinal column that led them to glory, Invictus Gaming it is not going through its best moment. His season has been quite questionable and in the final stretch they have made up their result.

Rookie and TheShy they are still decisive players, capable of winning a solo game but Neither the other positions are covered with as many guarantees, nor is the technical staff working this year.


This match has come out at almost equal odds of 2.20 / 1.61. As we have already mentioned, it is conditioned by two factors that I believe are not decisive for the development of the tie. The 3 consecutive defeats of Rare Atom have been against rivals like Royal Never Give Up and Edward Gaming, strong candidates for the title.

For this encounter, we will seek the simple victory of Rare Atom which is located at Odds 2.20 with a Stake of 2. What’s more, we are going to find the maximum value with the Handicap -1.5 of maps, looking for the 3-0 or 3-1 of our team. Therefore, we will also apply a Stake 1 at odds 3.40 to this market.

Good luck with the elections and I hope you enjoy this lol forecast for the match between Rare Atom and Invictus Gaming!

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