Post-flop in Poker

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Hi, everyone. Welcome to this new post about poker strategies. In Wincatchers, we work hard to bring you the best information to help you to become a professional poker player. To that, it is important for you to know as much as possible about this amazing game.

Today we are going to tell you about post-flop in poker, so you are going to have essential information to continue improving your poker skills. Read our article to know what we are talking about when we say post-flop.

¿What is a post-flop?

In Texas Hold’em there is a betting round that takes place before the flop is dealt. After that, there are also three more betting rounds: flop, turn and river. Those last three rounds are called post-flop or after the flop.

To state more clearly, this term refers to the play that takes place in a hand after thepre-flop betting round, that is to say, the flop, turn and river action in any poker game in which community cards are used.

¿How can post-flop be used as a part of your strategy?

First of all, you need to be aware that pre-flop and post-flop are both essential for your strategy, they come hand in hand. All the decisions you make in the post-flop should be based on the information obtained in the pre-flop.

Taking that into consideration, you need to be coherent to develop a successful strategy. So, before start your strategy you need to be aware of the hands to play, positions and bet raising.

Another aspect you should pay attention to is the amount of big blinds on the table. Professional poker players try to take full advantage of their possibilities and act according to the circumstances.

Playing with more big blinds can give you a more general view of your game. If you see you are defeated, you have more chances to see it. If, on the contrary, you are winning, you can get more bets from your opponents. Naturally, it all depends on the type of game, deep or short stack.

That is why our piece of advice is to try “short stack” first to practice your strategies without great amounts of money on the table, especially when you are in process of learning the secrets of this fantastic game.


Tips to make a good use of post-flop

Now that you know what a post-flop strategy is, we will present you some tips about betting that take place after the flop. Enjoy them:

  • Use your position wisely

In post-flow, position is essential, that is why you should not play hard when you are in the first positions. In order to sail, you have to wait for favorable wind. Specially if are playing Texas Hold’em.

Ones you have a good position, if the rest of the opponent check you can try a bet to see their reaction. If your opponents decide not to play, you will have won. If they pay your bet, you will have to analyze their reasons. In any case, betting without a good hand is rarely a good idea, especially in pots of three or more players.

  • Watch the pot

In poker, as a general rule, good hands mean big pots. On the other hand, weak hands mean small pots. Players with good hands play big pots and try not to risk much money if the situation is disadvantageous.

You have to bear in mind that a pot starts to grow in the pre-flop. So, with hands like AA, AK, KK or QQ you should raise the bets with no hesitation to discard opponents. It is really more convenient to play one-to-one or two max.

  • Pay attention to the stack, always

To be a professional player you should take always into consideration both your stack and your opponent’s to develop your strategy and to play accordingly. This can give you a clue about when playing with more precaution or more aggressively.

  • Build the best possible hand

I order to play correctly, you should play not only good hands but also potential winning ones (the best color, the best straight, etc). Also, you should only play profitable projects and avoid making raise all the time if want to have a potential good hand.

  • Study your oponents

Some players seem to be very predictable, as if they let you know their cards. They know the rules but leave clues at the moment of playing. When they have good chances they will make strong bets (75-100% of the pot). If they consider to have low chances, their bets will be greatly reduced (50% of the pot).

To face them, you can look for projects making a call to a bet on the flop when you think you can have a good hand. It can be considered to be an investment, as if the project become a success you can result victorious.

If you think your opponents have a weak hand, you can make a re-raise as a semi-bluff, even if you have only a project, to force them to retire or, if they pay, you can still win.

In this article, you have learned about post-flop and now it is time for you to put our pieces of advice into practice. Do not miss the chance to read also our article about the check-raise strategy to start playing poker like a pro!

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