Polk’s new side bet and thrashing

By Ucatchers

The millionaire toughens the conditions of the challenge in front of the rising star and looks for sparrings with which to polish his game, but it is already costing him money.

And all those people on the waiting list?

And all those people on the waiting list?

The countdown to him challenge between Bill Perkins and Landon Tice, without having a fixed date, it seems that it is accelerating.

The participants in the game have accepted a series of modifications to the conditions of the challenge that, among other things, assigns a neutral referee, Haralabos Voulgaris, who will be in charge of penalizing Perkins if he delays the confrontation.

This is not the only modification that clearly works against Perkins, who seems to have to compensate with this type of concessions the search for a cat flap by which to escape a possible debacle that is beginning to appear on the horizon. This is the set of new rules for the challenge.

News regarding the HU Challenge vs @ bp22

A) Sidebet at 200k 1: 1 has been added

B) If 15k hands don’t get played before the start of WSOP due to an arbitrator (@haralabob) saying Bill was the “reason” for it, he pays 100k

C) Can buyout halfway, and the penalty is the sidebet.

– Landon (@LandonTice) April 20, 2021

Perkins is bound to play 15,000 hands before the WSOP, at the risk of incurring a penalty of $ 100,000. It is understood to refer to the domestic WSOP Online played during the month of July.

The new side bet seems to emanate directly from the third modification, which allows the losing player to fold and limit losses. The payment for abandoning is the full payment of the new side bet, of $ 200,000.

One might suspect that rebalancing was necessaryr the advantageous terms that Perkins had received in the original challenge. Especially if Tice can collect the side bet for winning the challenge even if he does not exceed the 9bb / 100 advantage that he gives Perkins. It would be equivalent to a reduction of $ 200,000 to the initial advantage of $ 720,000 that it offered at the time.

But they also fit a possible loss of confidence from Perkins, which Either you have asked for time to follow your express training at High Stakes HU or you see it essential to establish insurance faced with a debacle of epic proportions that could lead him to be well below the sum of 9bb / 100 and the side bet in the middle of the duel Or does someone think that Tice could be the one interested in opening an escape route? .

The fingers that point to Perkins in this blame assignment multiply each time the millionaire comments on one of his “breakthroughs” in duel training.

In a recent tweet, Perkins acknowledged that faced Doug Polk in what looks like a one-session dress rehearsal with two $ 200 / $ 400 speed tables, a test with which to check how many hands you can play in a day and what the final bill may be. The news was bad enough for Perkins. They played around 1,650 hands, so you would have to organize at least 10 sessions similar to these before July 1, and Polk charged him 5.5 buy-ins for sparring, or $ 220,000.

The Texan consoles himself by thinking that he is clear about some of the mistakes he has made, but one of them was as basic as knowing how to read the tables.

I lost 5.5 buy-ins ish versus @DougPolkVids over 1650 hands. There are two egregious mistakes that 1. I knew is making but fuck it I got to see and one I read my charts wrong and got into a situation that cost by 3 buy ins. Other mistakes for sure. #Poker

– Bill Perkins (Guy) (@ ​​bp22) April 30, 2021

Everything indicates that we will soon have news about the start of the challenge, which will surely have a wide coverage. We will have to try the sauce, to see how it is.

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