Pokerstars strengthens its Team Pro with six streaming-oriented signings

By Ucatchers

Twitch and the new markets have been the most decisive factors in the selection. André Coimbra gets a second chance and Tonkaaaap opens. setup setup

Pokerstars begins to fill in the huge free gap left in his Team Pro after the farewells of historical figures such as Chris Moneymaker or Celina Lin at the beginning of the year.

New arrivals are as plentiful as departures were, and the room has decided to present six new spades at once, although one is not so new, because André Coimbra has been called to a second shift in the professional team of the room.

The ability to create a community on social networks and exposure to new markets have been key in choosing the new Team Pros.

In terms of impact on the Internet, few players have worked harder than Parker talbot, which finally reaches the number one room in world traffic. Coimbra He had also found a new niche on Twitch, after rethinking the retirement announced in 2017, at which point he ended his first stay in Team Pro. A classic of the islands has also landed on the Isle of Man, Sam grafton, who in his case has stood out as a commentator and had been collaborating with Pokerstars on Twitch for a year now. Lasse Jagd Lauritsen is the least known of the new international Pokerstars signings

This is the presentation of the new pros on the official Pokerstars Team Pro blog:

  • Parker ‘tonkaaaaP’ Talbot

A Canadian poker pro, SCOOP and WCOOP winner and regular on Twitch broadcasts. He has more than $ 3 million in online prizes.

The English pro is a familiar face on the poker scene, with a strong track record in live poker. His best performance was at the 2019 EPT Barcelona Super High Roller, where his victory translated into a prize of more than € 3M. Sam will join as a poker commentator and will be involved in content and other recreational activities.

  • Andre ‘ACoimbraPoker’ Coimbra

The Portuguese pro returns to the team with the goal of growing his Twitch and social media communities and winning a great live tournament. Your focus will be streaming.

  • Lasse ‘WisternJL’ Jagd Lauritsen

With great potential and a lot of momentum and love pouring into his poker streams, Wistern is looking to grow his community and outdo his new partner Lex Veldhuis. A name has been created as someone to be reckoned with.

The other two teammates joining these network personalities are American streamers. Mark Foresta and Keith Becker, which will showcase the progress Pokerstars is making in Pennsylvania, a new market opened late last year in the United States.

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