Pokerstars SCOOP turns on the transistors

By Ucatchers

Twitch has become the Sports Carousel of poker, and on Sunday the day was full of material so as not to take our eyes off the screen.

The show begins

The show begins

caution is forearmed. We already imagine that the beginning of Pokerstars SCOOP and GGPoker Spring Series they were going to be the perfect excuse to publish our guide to the most interesting and / or active streamers of the last few weeks on Twitch.

If watching poker is part of your hobbies and you saved the news in favorites, this Sunday you will have come from pearls to follow the avalanche of tournaments that has occurred in all the rooms.

To begin with, at SCOOP, we were following the ZeroS stream, which reached Day 2 at Event # 02-H; then we jump to AndyPsx with Codelsa – this is not in the guide, because Andy mainly broadcasts slots, but from time to time the duo “with B de Bustos” gets together there. With Vicente we bit our nails in the pure bubble of the High Roller # 06-H, and after the decision we had to choose Benjamin Rolle, who won his passport for day 2 of Event 04-H at the same table as “¿¿¿¿ toneecho ?? ” and “manuVerd0n” and was broadcasting the $ 25K of the Spring Series or Jonathan van Fleet, chipleader of the SCOOP High Roller. Or the bed, which won the vote.

Ben Rolle has an active buy-in counter on his stream. Yesterday it marked $ 158,802, to give you an idea of ​​what it means for these two festivals to coincide for a High Rollers player’s agenda. But hey, to play the SCOOP events, at least the first inning, you didn’t need that much. Considerably less. And it is difficult to take stock, because all the events of the first day of SCOOP were two days long, except for the turbo at 23:00, the Sunday Cooldown.

We have not released the lights yet, because the Sunday Cooldown was 7-max and our representative “I’m gordoyk” fell in the eighth position of the High version, the $ 2,100. But we have many, many bullets for day 2.


  • SCOOP # 07-M Turbo PKO Sunday Cooldown 7-Max $ 215: Maksim Mamonov “Fabahaba” (Finland, $ 53,009). Field: 2,423 records. Better Spanish: “railerite“(30th, $ 1,670)
  • SCOOP # 07-H Turbo PKO Sunday Cooldown 7-Max $ 2,100: Maksim Mamonov “MAMOHT_T” (Russia, $ 88,727). Field: 183 records. Better Spanish: “i’m fat“(8th, $ 7,679)

Day 2 (Spaniards at stake):

  • SCOOP # 02-H SCOOP Kickoff $ 530 (41 players / 1,321): “Without Karma“(26th)
  • SCOOP # 03-H Sunday Warm-Up $ 1,050 (41 players / 669): “railerite“(36º)
  • SCOOP # 04-H Sunday HR $ 2,100 (38 players / 445): “Toneecho ??“(1st),”que_te_crio“(19th),”manuverd0n“(29th),”But I am“(33rd),”tua133“(37º).

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