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Greetings to all our readers! Welcome to Wincatchers. Everyday, more and more tutorials are created and uploaded to the web, tutorials about thousands of topics with the intention of teaching people to do things. As you can imagine, poker is not the exception to the rule, so it is not hard to find Poker Tutorials in videos, especially in Youtube.

In this article, we are going to explain what poker tutorials are, how they are presented, how they work and the difference between written tutorials and video tutorials, as in the case of Youtube, the undeniable king of videos in internet. Let’s go with the article about tutorials so you can take notes about how to play poker.


What is a Poker Tutorial?

A tutorial can be defined as a small guide about a topic, that can be general or specific. Surfing the internet, there are hundreds of videos that explain different things, even card games such as baccarat, poker, blackjack, among others. In the case of poker, you can usually find lots of information in tutorials that you can follow, but you should be aware that not all the information given is worth to read or watch.

Poker Tutorial Uses

Following this idea, people who work in the poker world have found in tutorials a good chance to use these video platforms to give publicity to poker, as in the case of Poker TV, for example. It is important to underline that tutorials can also be used to get players closer to the game, as players can understand better some features related to poker.

Another use for this tutorials is closed related to marketing. Despite the fact that the online casino bonus is usually the main attraction for players, as they provide fidelity and continuity to gambling, the use of technological resources in tutorials helps to five more and more publicity to the poker world. The reason for this is the clear format in which they are produced to clarify doubts and to create desire for the game in players or potential players.

Youtube Poker Tutorials

Youtube is the king platform of videos. Its design combined with how easy to upload videos there is and the immense popularity give as a result an amazing shop window to thousands of tutorials including, of course poker and other card games. The success of this kind of video tutorials is that people tend to find this form easier to understand than reading books.

In general, topics developed in those poker tutorials do not go too deep in explanation, but give at least good information to continue doing research later. Some of the most searched topics related to poker are: “How to play Hold’em Texas poker”, “Initial hands to play”, “Probabilities and odds in Poker”,” Poker common mistakes” and “Poker Strategies”, among others.

So, the main use of them goes hand in hand with poker education, as they provide tons of info related to the game. In fact, there are also videos with some strategies explained by professional poker players who give tips and examples for beginners or regular players interested in improving their poker skills.

Poker Streaming

Streaming is the retransmission of an event. This activity is usually used in sports and games to study some plays and hands, as in chess, for example. As you imagine, streaming is great for poker, as you can follow the development of a game in a poker table and study the plays and decisions taken by professional players. This way, you can understand why one player plays in one way and not in another.

Apart from that, even when streaming videos are usually edited, you can see how the game is evolving and also how changes can be taking place according to the different strategies of the players. So, do not ignore streaming videos so you can improve your poker skills really faster watching play professional players.

Schools of Poker

In the same way that you can find different schools, you will see that also Poker Schools are a good way to learn how to play poker. They are not for free, but if they are good, you can improve greatly your strategy. Schools usually explain not only basic concepts of the game but also make use of glossaries and templates to help students to understand better some plays, such as post-flop or squeeze in poker.

Another aspect about schools of poker worth to mention is that they often have agreements with different poker rooms to organize free-roll poker tournaments for students to practice as well as interesting bonuses, promotions or rake-back programs.


As you see, there are numerous ways to learn how to play and also how to bet in poker and to know about poker strategies, as you can see playing in professional sites such as 22Bet, for instance. In fact, apart from the options above mentioned you can always do a course or even study with a poker private teacher. It is entirely up to you.

To end, keep in mind that to be a professional player you need to study, but poker is a game, so you should combine both study and fun to enjoy greatly this marvelous strategic card or dice game. We hope you liked our review on poker tutorials.

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