Poker Playing Cards

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Hi to all our readers! Welcome to our article about Poker Playing Cards, an esential part of many games, not only poker but they are incredibly popular all around the globe and take part of uncountable games. Wikipedia defines them as pieces of specially prepared card stock, heavy paper, thin cardboard, plastic-coated paper, cotton-paper blend, or thin plastic that is marked with distinguishing motifs.

Poker playing cards present often the front and back with a finish to make handling easier. Playing cards are  usually  sold together in a set as a deck of cards. Even though they are most commonly used for playing games, theyalso take part in magic tricks, cardistry, card throwing, and card houses.

Poker Playing Cards History

Before the arrival of poker tutorials, there was an origin of this cards that paved the way for the creation of the game. It is believed that the origin of cards dates back to the XII in China, even though they reached the highest popularity in Europe. To this end, the Arabs brought them through the conquest of Spain and the South of France. It was, in fact, in the region of Aragon and Castilla where playing cards took part of games, as it is written in 1310, in the Consejo de Ciento.

Poker Deck

A Poker deck is formed by four big divisions called suits: Two of them are red, hearts and diamonds, and two black, spades and clubs. Each suits has 9 cards with a numeral value that goes from 2 to 10, three figures, the Jack,  the Queen and the King, and, of course, the A, that in vaious games is considered to have a value of 1.

Thus, every card suit is formed by 13 cards. If we add all of them, we’ll have a total of 52 cards. We can also include two and even three jokers, although the use of those last ones are not always allowed in many poker combinations.

Suits, Figures and Aces

We know that there are different types of playing cards, such as German, French or Spanish versions. The English version is the most used in matters of poker, thiugh in French casinos French playing cards are used to play poker or cash games.

It is important to notice that French and English decks share the same suits so, despite minor details regarding names, they represent the same and all of them are based on the four social clases exiesten in the European Middle Age. And what do those suits standfor? Let’s have a look at every one of them:


  • Hearts

This represents the clergy, an undeniable strong institution in those times.

  • Diamonds

Diamonds are the representation of monarchy and financial matters.

  • Clubs

It represents the farmers, the lowest class society in times of Feudalism.

  • Spades

Spades stand for the nobility, a very important part of society in medieval times.

Many players try to include Jokers in the list of suits, as they are part of the poker deck. The problem with that is that in Texas Hold’em, the most popular poker variation all around the globe, jokers are not part of the game. We can, however, consider that they represent the arlequin, a strange character that enjoyes nobility as well as kings, and are, for this reason, also important.

Poker Deck Brands

In spite of the existence of video poker machines, as Deuce Wild among others, that make use of virtual decks of cards, as you can imagine, poker playing cards are nowadays a huge business that is exploited mainly by two important brands: Fournier and Bycicle.

We hope you liked our article about this fascinating vital pieces that combined create the base of the amazing poker world. You can also read our article about common poker phrases to know more about the relationship between poker and everyday life.

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