Poker Face

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Greetings to all our readers and welcome to our new article regarding poker. This time we are going to refer to something essential to make any poker strategy to work properly: the poker face and its importance during a poker play.

Let’s explain you what poker face is and why it is important for you to master this technique if you want to raise your chances of winning or to increas the possibilities of any strategy to be successful. Bear in mind that if you do not pay attention to this, you will probably lose, even with good poker hands.


What is the meaning of Poker Face?

Surely you know that, but in poker interpretation is essential for any strategy, so having the ability not to show any gesture or emotion when you are playing poker is the best way to play and it is all-important for you when you learn how to bet in poker.

And this is the essence of a poker face, a person who is able not to show emotions, not even in not verbal language, so the opponents are not able to read your strategies. Think about it as a “must” that you have to accept and put yourself into practice if you want to be a professional player. In sum, it’s one of the most famous poker phrases.

To achieve this properly, you will see you need to practice not only when playing poker, but also in your personal life when you face situations in which it is better for you if the other person does not notice your emotions. Sometimes it can be key to success.

Here you have a video from the free, where you can also understand the concept in other context not necessarily related to gambling. You can also see the opposites “a long face”, “face like a thunder”or “all over one’s face” to clarify the meaning of the phrase.

Why is so important to master a Poker Face?

Undoubtfully, poker is in a sense a game without complete information. As a consequence, you need to do your best to get it. But, where can this info come from? Well, for example, if you pay attention to odds you can know if it is convenient to pay a bet or not, or counting cards will reveal you possibilities about the following cards suit.

Apart from that, you can get information by reading your opponents’ faces and movements. Non verbal language, especially the one expressed by their faces can help you to know about the poker hand they have. Then, you can make use of this info to define your strategy or even to win the play or the tournament.

It is mandatory to say that reading faces can also be done by your opponents, so you need (you really need) avoid to share any kind of information about your cards or strategy by doing some gestures or expressing emotions to help them to know. Be careful about this, remember that knowledge is power.

What are Tells in Poker?

Now is the turn to give you some complementary information about not verbal language and poker. Tells are involuntary movements that we make without thinking. They act in the opposite way of a poker face. Think about it, perhaps you are mantaining a poker face while your body is sharing lots of information with your opponents.

All that been said, you need to master also how to control your tells to avoid giving extra information about your poker hand without noticing it. There are different techniques that you should explore to be in total control of your emotions, at least in matters of showing them, once you start playing poker.

We hope you liked our explanation. Think that the same control of emotions can be really useful not only in gambling but also in different aspects of the life, so in Wincatchers we encorauge you to try it. It will help you a lot.

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