PG Nationals: final clash between Mkers and Macko

By Ucatchers

The Italian League of Legends championship reaches its peak: Mkers and Macko compete for the PG Nationals title.

Fourth year of competition, six titles already awarded: two for Campus Party Sparks, one each for Team Forge, Outplayed, YDN Esports and Samsung Morning Stars. And today, for the sixth time, we will have a different winner. Because whoever wins between Mkers and Macko Esports will both be their first time on League of Legends.

On the one hand the Mkers, on paper the strongest roster, already disappointed by the result obtained last split when not even the presence of a player like Edward Abgaryan, a former world-class player, was enough to bring the trophy to the Mkers home. This year revolution with the only surviving Zwyroo and the arrivals of Doxy, Taxer and above all the couple of the botlane Guubi & Click, already winners of the Summer Split 2020 with the Samsung Morning Stars and again in the final.

On the other the Macko, new organization just arrived not only on League of Legends but also in Italian esports: an ambitious project born not even a year ago, in the middle of the pandemic, but which has already brought excellent results. Already champions of the PG Nationals of Rainbow Six Siege, today they are looking for a historic double that has so far only been successful at the Samsung Morning Stars. Stenbosse knows how to do it, protagonist last year with SMS: he will try to lead his new teammates Cboi, among the best players in the competition, Sebekx, D3rking and DarkChri.

And it is precisely the parallel between Rainbow Six Siege and League of Legends that seems to have already written the history of this final. In the Summer Split 2020 of Rainbow Six Siege the Mkers, the strongest team on paper, had surprisingly lost in the semifinals against the IGPs, a team that then failed to win the final against the Samsung Morning Stars, declared champions. Exactly the same happened in the Summer Split 2020 of League of Legends, except for IGPs to be replaced with Racoons. In the 2020 R6 Winter Split the Mkers managed to reach the final, only to be defeated by the Macko. And today history could repeat itself again.

Four players that we find from the last final. DarkChri, formerly of Racoon, was acquired by the Mackos. Stenbosse, already nominated, fresh from the victory with the SMS, is today his teammate. In the SMS team last year there were also Guubi and Click, today at the Mkers, one of the most successful botlanes in Italy in the last two years.

Both teams are already qualified for the European Masters, the most important continental competition after the LEC of Moba by Riot Games. But the title allows the winner to start directly from the Main Event group stage instead of going through the preliminary play-in phase, always an insidious unknown.

Everyone’s eyes and ears are on for 7pm, the first game begins. But the real live broadcast on the official PG Esports channel starts at 18:00 with the pre-show: guests, the title of MVP and much more for an hour of frantic wait. EddieNoise, Deidara and Noodlez will take care of the pre- and post-game analyst desk, while Terenas, KenRhen and Moonboy will comment on action for action on this final wait. All with the support of the competition partners: buddybank and Nic Nac’s.

Let the show begin.

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