PerkZ is officially Cloud9’s new midlaner

By Ucatchers

FullEsports - PerkZ is officially the new Cloud9 midlaner

One of the biggest pumps on the market is confirmed. PerkZ packs north america to defend Cloud9’s midlane. This is how the Croatian fulfills his desire to return to the center lane after proving to be one of the best shooters in the world in 2019.

At G2 Esports they already tried at the beginning of the 2020 season to get PerkZ and Caps to rotate positions, perhaps it was a move to satisfy the Croatian. However, they did not do too well and PerkZ was showing signs of unease. A concern that he solves with his departure to the LCS with Cloud9.

Ocelote and PerkZ already published messages that practically confirmed their departure to Cloud9

Some fans were not satisfied with the rumors that pointed to the departure of the Croatian. For this, PerkZ and Ocelote had to step out to stop a wave of irrational hatred.

Luka enjoys freshness and change. We are both together for very successful and honestly fun 6 years now. It makes total sense that we want to test ourselves without one another.

The decision to try out new things is Luka’s in full. He knows he could have ended his career here.

– CarlosR ocelote (@CarlosR) November 14, 2020

Ocelot backed PerkZ’s decision to change of scene. The goodbye was already official although it was not officially known that it was going to Cloud9. The charismatic owner of G2 Esports wanted to highlight the service of the Croatian and his freedom to decide your future. Both declared that they have a close friendship and a change of scene is not going to alter six years of a marriage that has given wonderful results.

PerkZ will meet Zven again

Cloud9 is going to put together a quintet that in the LCS seems dominant. Although PerkZ hasn’t played in center lane in a while, he is probably still the second best midlaner in Europe, second only to Caps.

Another of the great pieces of that puizzle to dominate the LCS that Cloud9 has wanted to fit on its board is Zven. The Danish shooter is an old acquaintance of PerkZ as they crossed paths at G2 Esports in 2016. After a great debut with Origen in 2015, G2 Esports wanted to take it to the bottom lane and they did. He performed so well that after two seasons, Team SoloMid made him an offer he couldn’t refuse and packed his bags to North America. Although it was not until 2020 after his arrival in 2018 to the LCS that Zven has returned to win a great title.

It will be necessary to see if the pair of carrys works the same as in G2 Esports. Further The names that ring to complete the team looks like they will put Cloud9 back in the fight for the title of LCS with PerkZ as the spearhead.

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