Patrick Leonard points out an error in the score that costs him to lose the general of the SCOOP

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The original winner of the general classification realized that he had been assigned points that did not correspond to him and reported it to Pokerstars. Everything had a happy ending.

pads1161, a sir (Photo: Pokernews)

pads1161, a man (Photo: Pokernews)

The 2021 edition of Spring Championship of Online Poker spread over 300 battlefields in tournament form over nearly a month of grueling competition.

There is a special breed of players who fight on any terrain and in any format. Pokerstars rewards them with an honor that is not available to ordinary grinders, the prize of consistency, the SCOOP leaderboard.

This select legion of gladiators impose a heavy burden on themselves. Each bubble increases the risk of heart attack, and in the closing stages of the competition, the candidates watch each other and go to amazing lengths to scratch the points necessary to overtake an opponent.

This year’s general it was decided in extremis between Jussi Nevantinna “calvin7v”, Patrick Leonard “pads1161” and Russian grinder Rinat Lyapin, “Zapazamazki”. All three played daily with one eye on their tables and one on their rivals. Leonard and Nevantinna commented on Whattsapp all their progress. Lyapin was broadcasting his games live on Twitch and the pressure was such that every time he went all-in he suffered so badly that he had to take the table out of sight. When he learned that Leonard was watching his streams, he began to dedicate a hand or another.

This is absolutely incredible. I’m in joint first place in SCOOP Leaderboard with this guy, he is streaming as we get it all in for all the chips 25 left. Watch him I don’t mind losing to this dude.

– Patrick Leonard (@padspoker) April 27, 2021

The fight for the first position reached dramatic levels during the last tournaments. The differences were minimal, a matter of one more ITM or one less ITM. When the SCOOP-102 Series Wrap-Up ended, in its three levels, the official scoreboard on the Pokerstars website proclaimed Patrick Leonard “pads1161” the winner of the leaderbord.

The Brit confessed that he had thrown aces preflop in the penultimate $ 11 tournament to secure the 76th place that gave him the victory.

Kind of yeah, I was pretty sure I need 76th to win here and folded AA

– Patrick Leonard (@padspoker) April 29, 2021

Leonard cemented his triumph with an outstanding performance in the High tournaments, thanks to which he obtained the first place in the general ranking and in the particular ranking of that level. In addition to personal glory, there were financial rewards at stake.

Reviewing the results that had led him to success, Leonard noticed a specific tournament. Something was wrong. They had awarded him points, but in that particular game he had been eliminated in the bubble, to a position of entering prizes. It was only 30 extra points, but the general classification, in which there was only a prize for the first classified, took a dramatic turn. Leonard himself pointed out the error publicly, and made it known to the room.

Hey @PokerStars I think there is a chance you added 30 points for my 13th place in $ 1k, which shouldn’t count because it’s bubble. I don’t want to win undeserving, even though 2nd is 0. Is ZAPA is rightful winner I want him to win. I could be wrong, but I think this may happened.

– Patrick Leonard (@padspoker) April 29, 2021

Leonard’s gesture had unexpected consequences. The room opened an investigation and the mistake in the configuration of the ranking was much more serious. Poorly counted points subtracted in three tournaments, all High level. The result of the subtraction of these points caused Leonard to go from first to third place in the general classification and from first to second place in the individual level. Leonard, who works for the competition at partypoker, didn’t want to make blood.

“Honestly, it’s bleak because you play every $ 5, $ 11 tournament and you get very emotionally involved. I don’t know if it’s previous festivals the same thing could have happened or if they should be reviewed, but I’m glad I called attention to this and that in the future the competition will be fairer.

Those who deserve it have won. This is what poker is all about, justice. Stars have contacted me, they have solved it very quickly and they have apologized. I would not like to be blamed too much. Everyone makes mistakes and these things happen. I don’t know what would have been fair. Maybe three more weeks of competition? Ha ha”.

Pokerstars lived up to Leonard’s gesture and was not content just to distribute the honors according to the merits of each player. They were well aware of how much competitors fight for the honorific title of best player in the Series and the strategic consequences that come from appearing higher or lower on the charts. The Solomonic decision they opted for was to pay each player according to the best possible classification, whether or not the most awarded points were discounted. Both Lyapin and Leonard will receive the money corresponding to the first place of the general and the High level. “They didn’t need to. They have all my respect and I will donate it all to charity.”

@PokerStars get a lot of shit, but they were on this straight away, and didn’t need to do this. Big respect to them, I’ll be donating all to charity. I don’t deserve $ for how bad I am in badugi and 5 card draw believe me !!! I will make a @ Joeingram1 type thread next week

– Patrick Leonard (@padspoker) April 29, 2021

All’s well that ends well, and we already have a duel at the summit for the next WCOOP. Leonard against Lyapin, from minute one. How will they endure such stress !?

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