Patch 11.3 LoL: the meta of the jungle, the main affected

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Full Esports - Patch 11.3 LoL: the meta of the jungle, the main affected

As happens every two weeks, League of Legends receives its relevant update to balance the game. The main changes that this patch 11.3 brings are in the jungle, since several important champions such as Taliyah, Olaf, Pantheon or Ivern suffer some nerfs.

Further, Bloodsucker will have his stats lowered, which will avoid seeing Olafs with very low life achieve one or two kills very easily as we could see Razork against MAD Lions in the LEC.

Sylas, the main beneficiary in this 11.3

One of the characters that could appear more in the middle or top lane is Sylas. The Shackled Champion receives two substantial upgrades. The first one in his Q, Chain Lash, which will have a fixed mana of 55.

The second, increased damage to your W, Kingslayer, which will have more than 5 damage per level and 5% more damage based on its ability power.

Another champion that could appear is Karma. The queen of shields and movement speed will have improvements to her mana regeneration, in addition to a reduction in her Q, Inner Flame.

ARURF returns in patch 11.3

Users often cry out for this new game mode and with the arrival of the Lunar Beast event, they have listened to the community. This mode, characterized by its low cooling and uses of skills without any mana cost, will be on the official server for a limited time.

In addition, with this event, Viego lunar beast and Aphelios lunar beast will be the two ‘skins’ exclusively for League of Legends. On the other hand Darius, Jarvan IV, Annie, Alistar and Fiora They will also have skins, but these will also be available in Wild Rift.

If you want to discover the rest of the news that will bring with it the 11.3, we leave you the official notes of Riot. In addition to the changes to champions and new game modes, there are also bug fixes or new aspects that arrive on the server.

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