Pablo Navarro’s HU in the GGSF SE Blade Special places us before the big day of the spring festivals

By Ucatchers

A fifth place of ¿toneecho ?? He gave the reply at SCOOP, and the two festivals are diving into their respective main events today.

The zenith of the Peruallin spring festivals

The zenith of the Peruallin spring festivals

Pablo navarro He is the one who accompanies us today, dressed in formal clothes, to the door of the gala in which the candidacies for the major prizes of the spring festivals begin to be known.

Pablo ended up sandwiched between Marius Gierse and Niklas Astedt at the GGSF Side Event: $ 5,250 Blade Special, a High Roller in which reentries accounted for a good part of the 69 occurrences achieved.

The award for the Spanish was 64,405$, a perfect stimulant to face one of the biggest Sundays of the year for the dedicated grinders of MTTs.

The awards to the MVP of each festival are quite clear: Vicent Boscá, double champion of the Powerfest at partypoker; Adrián Mateos, triple SCOOP champion at Pokerstars, and Pablo Navarro himself representing the High Rollers who have maintained a constant presence of La Roja in the High Rollers of the GGPoker Spring Festival. However, an outstanding performance at the events that begin today in the main ensures immediate glory.

At Pokerstars $ 20,000,000 guaranteed are ready to spice up Sunday’s tournaments; In GGPoker they have been collecting passengers for the $ 10,000,000 tournament for three weeks and in the Powerfest, which is the only one that is not synchronized, there will be a few days 1 to feed the $ 1M ME that will not take a run until within a couple of days.

The warm-up of the members of the Hispanic team has been intensive, and we have several results to highlight in GGPoker:

  • Adrian Mateos, 4th in the GGSF H-104: $ 1,050 Hyper [6-Max] (165 players, $ 15,165).
  • Adrian Mateos, 3rd in the GGSF Side Event: $ 3,150 Blade Bounty King (23 players, $ 10,155).
  • “MyLastHand!”, 2nd in the Side Event: $ 525 Bounty Hunters HR [GGSF Edition] (262 players, 12,579$).

In Pokerstars, the most plugged in going to Sunday is Miguel Seoane “¿toneecho ??, who had to wait an extra 24 hours to be able to fight for the final table of the SCOOP-82-M Thursday Thrill $ 530 that had been parked last Thursday.

Miguel could not resist the extra day of nerves due to the proximity of the title in a tournament of 2,629 players. He used a conservative strategy that paid him a little in the collection of bounties but raised him to the fifth final position, with a prize of $ 27,031.

MonkeyBausss“(6th, $ 5,380) and”deivid29“(7th, $ 7,376), Bounty Builder finalists $ 530 and”tua133“(5th, $ 3,692), who did the same on Saturday KO 215, preferred the regular tournaments to get ready.

Then there are also those who have not wanted to leave the success of the session to chance and start it with guaranteed prizes on Saturday and final table aspirations – much attention to leadership of “davaman” in SCOOP 86-H-, which we mentioned in our classic SCOOP results summary.

Finished (> $ 500k. Top 50):

  • SCOOP # 82-H PKO 8-Max High Roller $ 5,200 Fintan Hand easywit you do“(Ireland, $ 232,153) Field: 222 records.
  • SCOOP # 89-H PKO 6-Max Turbo $ 1,050 pabritz“(Brazil, $ 71,038) Field: 387 records. Best Spanish: Toneecho ??“(21st, $ 3,788)

Spaniards on Day 2:

  • SCOOP # 86-H Afternoon Deep Stack $ 1,050 (18 of 131): “davaman“(1st),”MonkeyBausss“(5th).
  • SCOOP # 87-M PKO 8-Max $ 215 (122 players out of 4,526): “que_te_crio“(62º).

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