Overwatch Esport

Hello, fellow readers of Wincatchers. Welcome to our esport sections where we provide an analysis of the best titles of the esport market nowadays. It’s time now to speak of Overwatch esport, one of the most competitive titles in the market currently and also one of the best multiplayer games.

Created by Blizzard Entertainment, Overwatch presents several mainstream sporting leagues, former professional sportsmen and also famous executives who invest in the Overwatch leagues. Considering all of that, it is important for you to know more about this addictive esport and also how to place your bets on it.

Overwatch Esport Game

Especially focused on team play, Overwatch is, just like League of Legends and Halo, a multiplayer first- person shooter with competitive matches. Unlike many other games of the same genre, this title is not only about destroying the enemy, but also completing key objectives playing as a team. So, if you don’t work with the other team members, you won’t go far in the game.

Even though pick and play is easy in the game, mastering Overwatch is not a piece of cake at all. In order to do that you should pay attention to different aspects of the game, including reading the map, understanding objectives as well as character classes and, as we told you, a good use of the team.


In the game, two teams of six players should face each other on different modes and different maps. As a player, you have 20+ heroes to pick, with unique abilities, moves and play styles. Each character has an ultimate ability, a highly effective power that you have to charge and unleash in the right moment.

In order to take full advantage of your character you need also to pay attention to the on-the-fly possibility that allows you to switch players during the game. Thus, strategies and tactics can change dramatically and, of course, your future actions as you need to adapt your character to the new setting.

Game Formats

In this game, there are four different game formats, and all of them with special maps adapted to the occasion. You will find four maps: Control, Escort, Assault and Hybrid, and members of your team can choose the one they like the most. Let’s see them in detail.

Control: the main objective here is the same for both teams; they need to capture two points in the map. The first team to reach 100% is the winner of the match. One interesting feature is that this game is played best out of three or best of five in online regular competitive play.

Escort: for the attacking team, they need to push the payload through the checkpoints of the map. Time is extended when they are successful at reaching a point. The defenders have to prevent this in order to win the match. Maps included in Escort are Dorado, Gibraltar, Route 66 and Junker Town.

Assault: for attacking teams, they have to capture two points in the map, similarly to Escort. Defending teams have to prevent it until the time is over. Maps included here are Temple of Anubis, Horizon Lunar Colony, Hanamura and Volkaya Industries.

Hybrid: If you like combining elements, this is the place for you, as it is a mixture of Assault and Control. Attacking teams have a two-steps objective: they must capture the point in the map and then escort the payload to the final point. Defending teams must prevent the attackers to be successful. In Hybrids, maps are Numbani, King’s Row, Eichenwald and Hollywood.

Overwatch League

The OWL, Overwatch League is the professional league for Overwatch esport. It started in 2017 and is played every year.  At the moment, there are twelve teams that play in a game structure similar to the traditional American leagues. All teams must play matches against each other to get the best position in the playoffs. Usually, you can watch live streams for free in special sites.

How to bet on Overwatch Esport

Usually, betting in this game is easier than people tend to think. If you consider both the accessibility of playing and watching Overwatch and the increasing number of available gambling markets, betting on this game gives you a good chance to get good wager with minimum problems.

We hope you liked our review on this amazing competitive esport game. There are others more popular, as in the case of Dota2, Fornite and Apex, however, it’s a really interesting title to play and also to bet on it. Don’t miss your chance and enjoy the game.


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