Ornn is the great beneficiary of version 10.23

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ornn version 10.23

At the conclusion of League of Legends Season 10, Riot Games continues to prepare for the future. The eleventh campaign of the famous MOBA brings a lot of changes, especially in the objects, which are now divided into basic, epic, legendary Y mythical. But while these new introductions are the highlight of the patch, the balance team continues to work on the champions to get them somewhere in between.

Thus, version 10.23 plans to kill some characters that were dominating Summoner’s Rift, as well as bring others back to life. One of the most benefited from this patch 10.23 is Ornn. Although the God of Forge has dominated the upper lane for quite some time, he has lost some priority in the last few patches. That is why Riot Games has decided to give him a boost that could return him to reign on the planet.

Version 10.23 buffs

  • Akali: Decreases the energy cost of the five pointed plenum [Q] (120-100 to 120-80).
  • Elise: The poisonous bite [Q] now applies on-hit effects.
  • Katarina: Daggers collected thanks to the passive now apply on-hit effects. The lightning fast [E] it also applies these same on-hit effects. To finish, the deadly lotus [R], now deals 25-50 magic damage (+19 ability power) per dagger, deals 15% (+ 9.9% attack speed) bonus attack damage per dagger, each applying effects impact with an efficiency of 25%.
  • Kayle: The passive, Divine Ascent, now has an additional 6% attack speed (+ 2% of ability power) per rage stack.
  • Ornn: As of version 10.23, the champion can forge all mythical items. The cost of upgrading the items will be approximately 1000 gold for all. He now has a limit of 1 enhanced item for himself and everyone, since only one mythical item can be owned. She also gains 10% bonus health, armor, and magic resistance from her passive. Lastly, the God of the Forge gains an additional 4% health, armor, and magic resistance for each Mythic item he upgrades.
  • Seraphine: Decreases mana regeneration from 10 to 8. Passive changed from 7.5% of ability power at all levels to 6/7/8/9% of ability power. The high note [Q] deals 55/70/85/100/115 (+40/45/50/55/60% of ability power). Ultimately, the base damage of the musical climax [E], is somewhat less in the later bars of the game, but does 100% damage to minions.
  • Tryndamere: Critical hit chance per fury point is 4% at all levels.
  • Twitch: The deadly poison [pasiva], just like him barrel of poison [W], now progress with ability power in this 10.23 patch. Thus, the passive now deals a damage of 3% of the damage ability power per second and per stack, while the [W] makes a slow ratio of 6% of ability power. To pollute [E], no longer progresses from physical damage, but instead progresses from magic damage for each stack of deadly poison.
  • Viktor: Disappear Hex Core and harvest 1 Hextech Fragment from Minion and Monster Kills, 5 from Giant Monsters, and 25 from Character Kills and Assists. Every 100 shards, Viktor can upgrade one skill. If 3 skills are upgraded, the chaos storm [R] it is improved automatically. The laser ratio of the death ray [E] is 70% as well as its reverb 80%.
  • Volibear: Attack speed per stack of the passive is 5% (+ 4% of ability power). The skybreaker [E] increases their damage by 150/300/450/600/750.
  • Yasuo: Critical hit chance over 100% becomes 0.5 bonus attack damage for every 1% critical hit higher.
  • I ne: The 100% critical hit chance is transformed into 0.5 additional attack damage for every 1% additional critical hit.

Patch 10.23 Nerfs

  • Amumu: Health growth reduced by 4 (80), as well as armor by 3 (30).
  • Brand: The explosion damage of the mark of the passive is now 10-14% at levels 1-17. fire [E] is greater, being 12/11/10/9/8 seconds.
  • Caitlyn: Passive, headshot, damage per critical chance reduced.
  • Jhin: Critical damage reduction from passivehe whispered to 14% (critics deal 150% of attack damage) and his critical chance conversion to attack damage reduced by 10% (30%).
  • Senna: Critical damage reduction from passive decreased to 14% (increases critical dealt by 150% of attack damage) and critical hit chance per 20 souls decreased by 5% (10%).

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