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Hello to all our readers and welcome to our article about Online Casino Bonus, an essential tool to attract new players and retain regular ones. In the past, there were numerous restrictions along with those bonuses but now, due to the fierce competence among casinos, the situation has  become really much better.

In Wincatchers we prepared for you a general description of the different types of bonuses that you can find on the best online casinos, so that you can keep it in mind if you are doing an analysis about how to choose an online casino, as they have much to do with your potential winnings.

Online Casino Bonus: How they work

An online Casino Bonus is a free offer that a casino makes to its players as a reward for creating an account in its platform or for keeping playing after a while as well as for making special deposits. You can also be offered free spins or even cashbacks as bonus. As you see, it’s an essential lesson that you should learn when you also learn how to play on online casinos.

You can make use of those bonuses to continue playing and also to use them as a second chance if you played and lost. Some of them have restrictions or special user conditions that you need be aware of before using them. Let’s see some types of bonus that you can find by playing on an online casino.

Types of Bonus

Let’s consider some types of bonus according to general aspects. Bear in mind that every online casino can create its own bonus type, as there is not a rule or a law to follow or to observe.

  • Non-deposit bonus: they are very popular, especially for the so-called “freebies”, that is to say, those players that love playing and winning without taking any risk. Usually, you can receive this type of bonus when you finish your registration process on the casino, even without making a deposit. This bonus usually goes from 5 € to 20 to €.
  • Deposit bonus: You receive in bonus an amount in accordace with your deposit. As a general rule, you can receive from 50% to 100% of your deposit, but there are exceptions. Some online casinos can offer even a 300% bonus but with a maximum limit. As an example, BetWinner will give all new players a welcome bonus of 100% on the amount deposited up to a maximum value of € 100
  • Free Spins bonus: Instead of money or credit, you receive the chance to play for free. With that bonus, the winnings got here can be added to your personal account meeting some special requirements first.
  • Cashback bonus: You receive as a bonus part of your loses as akind of compensations. To receive more you need to spend, and lose, more money. You can also get special offers if you pay with cryptocurrence. For instance, Cbet offers its players 5% Cashback Bonus on cryptocurrencies
  • Fidelity Program: Nowadays, due to the high competence existent in the gamling market, online casinos try hard to retain customers. To that, they usually include a program with special benefits, such as access to exclusive games, special betting conditions, different prizes, etc.

Bonus Requirements

It is strongly advisable to read the bonuses conditions a requirements before you play, in order to avoid unpleasant surprises. Bear in mind that you may win but if you don’t meet the mandatory requirements, you can end up with nothing. In general, some of the most common conditions are the following:

One account per player

Do not try to fool a gambling platform. They will notice it and you can be banned and, to make things worse, the casino can refuse to pay your winnings.

Use your real information

In order to make money transactions properly, the casino will try to confirm your personal data, so you will need to prove your identity with a valid document

Meet the requirements to get your bonus

In order to have access to the winnings obtained by playing with a bonus, some casinos ask you to make extra bets first. So, be careful.

Pay attention to the games

Not all of the games are included in the bonus offer, so if your favourite game is not available, you will need to use your own money to play it.

Bonus Codes

Some Online Casinos give their players a code number that they havo to introduce to get the bonus. No code, no bonus.


As you surely remember, you should play only in legal casinos with a valid licence to operate in your country.

All in all, bonuses are just like ice-cream for players, old and new ones. We have listed some aspects of bonuses for you to take into account the moment of playing. We hope you liked our article. Remember that in Wincatchers we give you essential information to help you to become a professional player.

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