Oies, the Advanced Esports Program is underway

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The Italian Esports Observatory launches L’Advanced Esports Program: the first training course for Esports business and management professionals. The Advanced Esports Program represents the concrete contribution of the OIES in the professionalization of the sector. The path, in fact, is aimed precisely at those who want to work in esports and develop those skills that the Italian movement needs to emerge in terms of business.

The Advanced Esports Program consists of 21 Masterclasses with a practical cut, which will be distributed throughout 2021 and delivered live via the Zoom link. The innovation proposed by the OIES provides that each user can choose the lessons they want, without being forced to purchase the entire masterclass package. It is the first training format of this type in Italy in the Esports field: it is the members who structure their teaching plan.

“We are very proud to finally announce the launch of the Advanced Esports Program – they comment Luigi Caputo and Enrico Gelfi, co-founders of the OIES – With this project we want to contribute in a concrete way to the development of the Italian export movement. We want to do it in an innovative way, revolutionizing the current training system in this sector. We made two very strong choices: to allow students to choose the Masterclasses they want to attend and to offer a very affordable cost, well below market standards. We did it because we care a lot about building a community of Esports business professionals, and this is only the first step. The more people are formed, the more the Italian movement will be able to compare itself to those of other countries. In this way, the OIES is increasingly confirmed as a national reference point for the entire sector “.

The masterclasses are divided into 10 modules:

Esports management module

The economic return in Esports: main assets and strategies

Sponsorship rights: which rights a brand is interested in in Esports

Esports marketing module

The organization of the Esports sector: the most important titles, publishers and tournaments in Italy and in the world

Brand gamification: how to approach the desired target through gaming

Esports becomes entertainment: strategies for building a community by increasing brand awareness

Twitch module

Twitch: how does it work? Numbers and dynamics of the new most used streaming platform

How Twitch fits into a marketing plan: opportunities, strategies and case histories

Esports trends module

Esports in the world: overview of the main international markets

Tournaments and Arenas: How to Develop a Sustainable Physical Esports Project

Esports system module

The eSerie A: how to develop a model of engagement with fans

How the Esports division of a football club is organized

Legal module

The legislation on Esports in Italy: limits and rules to be taken into consideration

The relationship of image rights of sportspeople in video games: from the Ibrahimovic case to the applicable rules

Esports titles module

Discovering sim racing: virtual engines in marketing strategies

How does the FIFA universe work? The strategies for integrating a brand into the dynamics of the game

Esports business module

The Esports talent scout: how to track down video game champions and make them a job

From the virtual to the physical world: how to make the investment in a gaming house pay off

New professions module

Coach Esports: how to develop the skills needed to coach players

From player to content creator: how to develop a personal business in gaming

Esports teams and organizations module

How to found a team: from the birth to the creation of a structured organization

How to attract investments and sponsors: when a team becomes a business opportunity

With the Advanced Esports Program, the OIES wanted to make training accessible to all, to allow anyone to develop professional competence in this sector. Each Masterclass, in fact, has the cost of 30 EUR, while the complete course is offered in promotion a 590 euros.

You can then take advantage of other promotions, depending on your needs:

3 modules: 150 euros instead of 180 euros

5 modules: 200 euros instead of 300 euros

7 modules: 390 euros instead of 420 euros

Those who choose the entire course or at least 5 modules will receive a certificate of participation shared by the MasterSport Institute and the OIES. To register for the Masterclasses and purchase the solution you prefer, you can consult the page dedicated to the Advanced Esports Program by clicking here.

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