Offseason Valorant Spain: All changes summarized

By Ucatchers

Offseason Valorant Spain

For many, the transfer season is a turbulent period, to which it’s hard to keep up. In this series of two articles I will summarize the most relevant movements of the scenes, starting with the Iberian and then moving to Europe. Valorant’s offseason in Spain has been very messy, so don’t hesitate to keep an eye on it.

All the changes that have taken place would not be understood without talking about the progressive decline of the CS: GO ecosystem in Spain. This caused a migration from one shooter to another, and many clubs preferred to pull from the experience, leading to many new faces for the Valorant.

Vodafone Giants and 19 Esports

Vodafone Giants presents its new Valorant roster

Giants made a decision that the fans did not like very much. He got rid of his Spanish squad and signed the Orgless team with the aim of establishing itself as one of the reference clubs in Europe.

19 Esports, a team of Mexican origin, decided to join Valorant focusing on Spain and signing the core of ex-Giants.

Vodafone Giants 2020Vodafone Giants 2021JonbaBooYuriHappyeXerZMeddoFit1nhoPipsonDonQHoody19 Esports 2021DonQFiti1nhoYuriJonbaVasili


The organization made a huge mistake by not realizing the template exclusivity rule. Therefore, Wygers Argentina played the Challengers sweeping everything, forcing the organization to make a very tough decision: to make disband of the Spanish team.

Wygers Spain 2020ZackyyNavarreteCircuRayyzVity

Cream Real Betis, Team Queso and Wizards

Team Valorant Cheese

All three sets have changed pieces. But nuclei stay the same. So much Cheese like Betis have been reinforced with the additions of Quick and iDex. Wizards have decided to bet on amateur talent, and results are expected in the medium term.

Team Queso 2020Team Queso 2021B0rjaB0rjaRaiQuickGokedGokedZorreleZorreleSek1gSek1gCream Real Betis 2020Cream Real Betis 2021PopiFreshPopiFreshJokesJokesVaresVaresZefryiDexXeonXeonWizards 2020Wizards 2021Prisi0n3r0Prisi0n3r0rrayrraySpiiqeSpiiqeByErickkMarinoozKyrrzSaiz

Souldazz and S2V

Both teams have followed similar paths during this offseason. Although they are Spanish organizations, have decided to purchase Portuguese templates, and both are doing quite well at the beginning.

Souldazz 2020Souldazz 2021iDexDIXONLeoLionClawPetitSkelf3n1xKhegasiGreyyHqrdestSHADOWMIGLITOS2V 2020S2V 2021Enxicj0N4YRubiazoOLIZERAQuickrlzZedtraxtazzzrubSk0mpa

Riders and UCAM

Spanish organizations with international rosters. Both have decided to start the project practically from 0, getting rid of many pieces. Having international templates, it is in your hand to generate engagement with the Spanish audience.

Riders went through a last minute failure in the Rising Series by catching a cheater who was quickly recognized. This is the roster that competes in VCT.

Movistar Riders 2020Movistar Riders 2021ScarxScarzdoAmkamykKoldamentamikigoalieKilesDextDragunovAykeUCAM 2020UCAM 2021JessenJessenM1kkoM1kkoRoxieRoxieDIXONTheAuriDimaxxFelox

QLASH and Galaga

QLASH signed Avocados late last year. Things did not turn out worse than expected, so the squad ended up leaving the club. So, the canaries started a new 0 project called Team Galaga. For his part QLASH has kept many players from its old squad from Counter Strike.

QLASH 2020QLASH 2021MaikYuRk0viniceNaOwlittlesataN1xikiiStarmeisoNLaksKairiTeam Galaga 2021MaikvinicelittlesataN1HarambeSiirKje

KPI and Arctic

Lastly, Arctic Gaming and KPI. The first come out, the second come in. As stated, there were disputes and differences of opinion on the roster and, as is rumored too G2 Arctic’s entrance to Valorant, the Granada organization considered it appropriate to close the section.

KPI was lagging behind with its entry into Valorant. They waited for their moment and created a mixed roster with veteran pieces of the Spanish CS and young promises of the amateur.

Arctic Gaming 2020HorcusEaseOthaxHeavnnchechuuKPI 2021ThinkiiHumanzchechuudoAmGuardy

Summary Offseason Valorant Spain

We have seen a great revolt. Many names that are gone and many others who join the fight for Spike. There are rosters that will give more to talk and others that less. Valorant’s offseason in Spain has changed many things. It will be necessary to see most of the rosters in action when the national competition returns.

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