Odds with value of week 2 of LEC

By Ucatchers


In this article we are going to analyze the fees for week 2 of LEC. We are going to take into account what happened in SuperWeek to analyze the day of this weekend, its fees and what could have value.

Valuable teams

At first, from the results that G2 gave last week, we see that the quota against Rogue is something unusual. The same happens with his handicap, which stands at -6.5, when it is usually above -8.5 victims. In any case, it is a game that we do not recommend entering either, G2 has given a bad level, which we are not used to, and on the other hand, Rogue has given a very good level this first week.

Keep a close eye on SK Gaming odds, a team that did very well last week, exceeding anyone’s expectations. We think that not by doing it well for a week, you have a different level than what is assumed. In this case we like Misfits’ 1.50 odds against SK a lot or its handicap -5.5 victims. We think that SK’s level is not what it seems at first glance, looking at the first day. The same thing happens to us with Misfits, we think that their level is higher than what they have shown the first week and this was confirmed by different players on social networks.

In turn, linking with what we were telling you now about the fees for week 2 of LEC. Schalke vs. Misfits It should be a game where Misfits slams the table and ends up taking it, we think with some sale. Schalke continues without improving and giving so far the worst level in the league. We believe that it will be the team to bet against this season.

Odds with value in totals

It’s something we think no one should venture into yet. The Total casualties are pretty well placed and it is really difficult to predict in this goal how many kills the match will go to.

As to dragons, most games manage to score five dragons, especially when the games go past minute 30. In order for there to be less than 4.5 dragons, it must be a game dominated from start to finish by one of the teams and finish soon. Or that it is a game dominated by a team, that gets the soul soon and they do not want to play it 50-50% with the elder dragon.

As to towers At the moment it seems that the trend will be to +12.5 towers, but it is still too early to say. Since we are in a meta where the games last less than usual. The same goes for nashors.

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