NoSeLokiPasa achieves FT on two of GGPoker’s guaranteed millionaires for $ 75k

By Ucatchers

Juan Pardo and Juanki Vecino give the reply at Pokerstars, with respective five-figure prizes.

GGMasters, one of GGPoker's weekly series

GGMasters, one of GGPoker’s weekly series

Three weeks ago, the nick “NoSeLokiPasa“He caught our attention at GGPoker for winning the Triple Chance $ 300 with a nickname in Spanish and under the Andorran flag, a combo that usually identifies Spanish players in the Asian room.

We could have overlooked it, but that mistake would have been solved this week. There is no way that this Sunday his nickname would not have stood out on the monitor like a neon sign, as it is repeated in two of the three main tournaments on Sunday in the MTTs lobby, those of guaranteed millionaires.

“NoSeLokiPasa” achieved final table in both the $ 1M $ High Roller MILLION and the $ 1,050 $ 1M GGMaster High Rollers, an unprecedented double that could only have astonished more if in any of them he had been presented with the opportunity to reach the podium.

We will start with the HR MILLION $, which brought together 453 of its 2,667 applicants for the final day on Sunday.

Spanish ended eighth, the first eliminated in a final table in which the double champion of the WSOP Shankar Pillai ended up winning. He stayed in the awards jump of 27,696$, in a tournament where there were three six-figure prizes.

Juan Pardo was 40th in this tournament, with a prize of $ 4,436.

From the MILLION $ main event we move on to the GGMasters, another weekly themed series of tournaments that GGPoker shuffles along with the Bounty Hunters and the High Rollers.

This tournament is for a single day, it started at 5:00 p.m. and it was still playing at 6:00 a.m. At that time, “NoSeLokiPasa” had just gone to bed, eliminated in 5th place with a prize of $ 46,482.

The two six-figure awards went to Brazilian Gabriel Schroeder (“gabsdrogba”) and Argentine “bartodigente”.

Without the superb double from “NoSeLokiPasa” it would have been a rather nondescript weekend at GGPoker, and the holder of the punctures in the “.com” would have turned in a tournament to the results of Juanki Vecino and Juan Pardo on

Juanki had a great time at the table at the HRC Sunday Marathon (104 player), which rewarded him with the opportunity to play against bosses like Bruno Botteon, Bert Stevens or Cristian Rudolph, who was the one who finally beat him in the Heads-up final prior agreement that ensured $ 10,072 for Spanish.

Juan, for his part, had to make a great effort to compensate what was due him for his fourth place in the HR Sunday Cooldown with a respectable amount in bountys. The final count was rounded $ 150 over $ 10,000 in a purse of $ 122,000 (122 players).

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