Noche de los Muertos Slot Machine

By Ucatchers

Greetings, and welcome to this new article of Wincatchers. In this website we work really hard to bring you the best information to enjoy your adventure in this wonderful gambling world. In this opportunity we are going to refer to a beautiful not common game: Noche de los Muertos slot machine. So, be prepared to introduce yourself into the Mexican world to enjoy a slot machine and part of the Mexican culture.

Noche de los Muertos Features

Developed by Section8 Studio, this particular slot game has been successful at combining some characteristics of the classic horror slot games (as in the case of Dracula, Halloween and more games related to horror films) and traditional slots with cultural themes (in this case related to Mexico). Thus, this cocktail seems to be a good choice for players looking for something new, not classic and, in a way, uncommon.

Sound Effects

In matters of sound effects, the first thing you notice will be a classical guitar sound, that goes hand in hand with traditional popular songs and, especially, with those particular sounds related to the festivity called Todos los Santos (Feast of All of the Saints) that takes place every year on 1° November. Undoubtfully, it is an amazing detail to underline that attracts curious players.

Visual Aspects

In matters of the visual aspect of the slot machine , you should be aware that the game makes use of the numbers 8, 9 and 10 and also the poker card symbols representing figures of the court, and also the ace: J,Q,K,A. In addition, there are skull-masked symbols typical from the costumes of the real feast and, of course, the bonus symbol. And all of it with a magnificent dark atmosphere sorrounding your gaming experience.

Bonus Game Slot

One of the main characteristics of this slot machine is the high porcentage of refund, which is one of its more salient features to attract new players. You can play, enjoy and even get excited with a beautiful game and then get back more than 94% of your losses. Amazing, isn’t it?

Another interesting characteristic of the slot machine is that your available credit is adapted to your money. This is an interesting thing as you should not be tied to rigid rules. This way, you can make use of different values: 10, 25, 50 or 75 as available credit.

Despute all the colorful symbols, the players’ favourite symbol is, as always, the bonus, and let’s see why. If you get three of the those bonus symbols in any position on the rolls 2, 3 or 4, the bonus is activated. It does not mean that you will immediately win as it is a two-step phases.

In the first phase, you should roll the Wheel of Fortune roulette to get an the number ut to a maximum of 10x . In the second phase you play the bonus game to get from 1 to 4 elements and a number up to 5x. Then, those numbers are combined and you can get a bonus up to 50x. Finally, this final number will be multiplied by your bet, so you can get a greater prize.

In order to let you know your game performance, a new screen will be shown (a pop-up) at the end of the round to let you see both your bets and your winnings.

Betting and Prizes

In the slot Noche de los Muertos the minimum bet is 0,25€ and you will have up to 25 paylines, the same amount of lines that you can also see in others slot machines such as Gonzo’s Quest. The good thing about this kind of slots is that prizes are bigger when you hit. What is more, you can multiply your bets when a line of drums allws you to do it. That means that you can win even more!

To clarify, if you activate the bonus, your winnings will be multiplied by your betting, plus the winnings of the pot. That is why when you hit,  you should pay attention to the combination of symbols from left to right. You should bear in mind that the bonus and the joker symbols do not mean an instant prize.

In reference to the maximum bet, you can bet up to 500, and you can have access also to the progressive pot or the jackpot casino, so your chances to win are really big. And all of it , as we stated before, comined with the 25 paylines, the special bonus and the free wheels that you can get.

We hope you liked this review on La Noche de los Muertos slot machine. Lots and lots of players really enjoy playing this slot game, and the secret for its success is its audiovisual aspects and the winning chances for players. If you liked this article, you can also enjoy reading our review on King-Kong, another beatiful slot machine to try.

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