Nigma vs Team Liquid prediction

By Ucatchers

Nigma vs Team Liquid (DPC DreamLeague – EU Div 1)
Pick: Team Nigma +1.5 vs Team Liquid (Win a map)
Share: @ 1.57 (Bet365)
Stake: 5/10
Date: Wednesday April 21, 2021, 18:00 PM CET
Condition: Open

  • (Quotas correct at the time of publication of the article and subject to change).

Nigma vs Team Liquid

We go with the +1.5 of Nigma vs Liquid, with this handicap we bet that Nigma will win a map to Liquid.

Nigma comes with a new signing, for me it’s crazy and I’ll explain why. Putting aside the fact that he is a very good player, he is going to give the team terrible dynamism. Miracle can go back to the mid line, and have a pure HC like iLTW.

Liquid comes from losing against Alliance 2-1, playing well if true, but for my taste Liquid has the problem that right now the meta does not favor them. They depend a lot on a Mickie that goes to 200% and he is not a pure HC player, that is why I see it very easy for Nigma to put a map.

Nigma brings iLTW although it is not confirmed yet, Miracle will return to the midlane and iLTW will be the HC pure of Nigma. In my opinion this change is crazy, although it is true that it has entered recently. But even so, I see a very stable team on all lines.

iLTW has played in very good teams Like for example OG, but the team where he has stood out the most has undoubtedly been in Virtus Pro, where he has given a lot and has won several titles.

For me his simple win has too much value, we are talking about a bo3 and his win is at 2.75, a too high quota in my opinion.

Here you can see Nigma.

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