New Switch Pro: will have Nvidia and 4K graphics card

By Ucatchers

According to some direct sources familiar with the matter contacted by Bloomberg, Nintendo plans to adopt a chip from Nvidia with next-generation graphics and processing for a new Switch model scheduled for the end-of-year shopping season.

The new iteration of the Switch will support the Deep Learning Super Sampling from Nvidia, or DLSS, a new rendering technology that uses artificial intelligence to deliver high-fidelity graphics more efficiently. This will allow the console to do that will also receive a display update OLED, to play 4K quality game images when connected to a TV.

The new chipset from the US company will also have a better CPU and more memory. DLSS support will require adding new code to previously released games so it will come mainly used to improve the graphics of upcoming titles. We had already told you that the new Switch will have a 7-inch OLED screen from Samsung and that the release of the console will be accompanied by a myriad of new games.

“The move should deliver greater platform support from external software developers, so it’s definitely a big plus for hardware and software sales, ”he said Kazunori Ito, analyst at Morningstar Research. “Nintendo is learning well from the mistakes of the past, particularly since the super-sold Wii lost momentum very quickly as the console it was not compatible with the new resolutions high definition “.

The release schedule for new Switch games remains mostly empty for the second half of the year, too the company has just announced a new partnership with Niantic (the developer of Pokémon Go) to produce augmented reality smartphone apps, the first will be Pikmin themed and will be released in 2021.

Analysts predict that the new Switch will be offered at a higher price compared to the 299 euros of the current model, a cost unchanged from the initial release of the hybrid console in 2017. Matthew Kanterman of Bloomberg Intelligence predicts an increase of up to 100 euros.

DLSS was first introduced as an image upscaling feature in 2018 and remains exclusive to Nvidia graphics cards. It’s an atypically advanced addition for Nintendo that tends to opt for more mature, lower-cost technology than rivals Sony and Microsoft. The new Switch will also be lagging behind overall performance of its next gen competitors.

If implemented, “the enhancement of graphics is a selling point that aims to attract those fans who want to play the next Breath of the Wild, Pokemon or the new Monster Hunter with the best graphics possible, ”he said Michael Prefontaine, a developer of Silicon Studio Corp. “It won’t be a big draw for Nintendo’s usual target audience of families and children, who are mostly content-driven. However, it shows that Nintendo wants to compete more “.

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