New LCS format announced from 2021

By Ucatchers

LCS Format / Image: Riot Games

Rumor has been running for some time that the League of Legends Championship Series (LCS) would undergo changes that would completely disrupt its schedule. Riot Games has confirmed those whispers were true by announcing the new format that will follow the North American League of Legends competition for 2021.

What you should know about the LCS format

LCS Lock In (January 15 – 31)

LCS Lock In 2021 format / Image via: Riot Games

First of all, a new style at the LCS. Starting it will be done by a three week competition under the name of LCS Lock In. It consists of a small tournament prior to the big Split that will be used to launch the new squads and see the level of the players. The winner of the tournament will get a $ 150,000 prize.

Everything will start with a group stage in which the two best teams from last year will be able to choose the teams they will face in their respective groups. From them will come eight teams that they will face in a delete box. The champion of this small tournament will receive the aforementioned prize and You can donate $ 50,000 to a charity of your choice.

Spring Season and Mid-Season Showdown

The spring season will be played for three days a week / Image via: Riot Games

Then the LCS regular season. As of this 2021, the number of games will be increased to five on the same day for three days: Friday, Saturday and Sunday. And with the reference to the regular season, it should be noted that the Spring Split is still maintained, although its results will be combined with the summer campaign for the final classification in summer.

This will start the spring season in a more compressed way, with a Double Round Robin during six weeks. This style of competition consists of each participant having to face the other teams twice during the regular season. Although the campaign is condensed, the teams will contest the same encounters as in past years.

All of this leads to the demise of the playoffs and the LCS finals as such. Failing that, the LCS Mid-Season Showdown, which will last from March 20 to April 11. The team that wins this small tournament will be the bearer of the North American title and, consequently, representative of the region at the Mid-Season Invitational.

LCS midseason formatMid-Season Showdown 2021 format / Image via: Riot Games

Summer Split and LCS Championship

Refering to summer edition LCS, the format will change to a triple round robin, although in this case for nine weeks. This season will give teams a new opportunity to represent North America in the 2021 World Championship. Its duration will be from June 4 to August 1.

After a few days of rest, the LCS Championship, which will last from August 7 to 29. This tournament will serve to meet the three classified teams ahead of the most important international event of the year.

LCS Championship 2021 format / Image via: Riot Games

The teams will be organized according to their results in the spring and summer seasons. The format will consist of a double elimination box, something similar to the 2020 playoffs. However, this time the teams will have to face again due to the introduction of a reversed format. Now will be the team that loses whoever chooses the side and the days on which the competition is played have changed to prevent a team from competing more than once a week.

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