NEST 2020 LOL: Analysis – Full Esports

By Ucatchers


NEST 2020 is a pre-season tournament of the Chinese league, where the winners receive a monetary prize. It is a tournament of little importance really, but it is used and serves to make known young players from the academies of each team.

To get money with bets in this tournament it is necessary to know which players each team comes with and to know the players. Here we are going to break down the teams a bit by groups.

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First we are going to go with those who come with almost their starting team to NEST 2020, these are: RNG, Team WE, Rogue Warriors and Vici Gaming.

RNG It comes with a single change and it is the support that comes from the academy. They have also brought different mids, but in principle as they have said should play either Cryin or Xiaohu. WE It comes with everything, except the top that comes with the academy. Rogue warriors It comes with everything except the top, which is also from the academy. Vici Gaming who comes with all his usual equipment, they are also brought to the mid of the academy, but in principle the 5 starters will play.

We continue with teams that come with a mix of starting players and academies.

This can be divided into two groups, those with 2 academy players and those with 3.

Those with two academy players, or players who were substitutes in the main team are: to be that they come with an academy mid (but it is possible that the starting mid will play) and with a rat that was a substitute in the main team and the support of the LGD academy. Bilibili two players from the academy and the support who was a substitute in the starting team.

Those with three academy players, or players who were substitutes in the main team are: FPX It comes with three academy players, although in two of their roles there are also the starters appointed to the team, today in their first game they have played with this roster. EDG that comes with three other academy players just like IG. It should be noted that both the FPX and IG team, although they come with academy players, these players are among the best in the LDL (second division of the LPL) and young promises. In contrast, EDG players have not stood out much in the league. By last OMG, which comes with a “potpourri” of players with two substitutes from the main team, two other starters, that only one of them and 3 academy are known to play, that one of them may not play and the starter does, in the position of midlane.

To finish we have the teams that comes with the entire academy team.

In this group are Suning and LGD, both come with a completely new team, except for LGD who comes with 4 from the academy and the main roster midlaner. In Suning’s case they come with all academy players. Suning’s academy should in principle be the worst of the teams. Although LGD comes with its entire academy, it has competent players, not like in the case of Suning.

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