MSI 2021: RNG returns to the tournament that brought it to glory

By Ucatchers

The MSI 2021 is reunited with RNG, an old acquaintance. The Chinese team arrives as the LPL champion, but the tournament does not catch him again. In fact, in the current starting quintet, there are still two of the MSI 2018 champions left, in which he took the victory. At that time, names such as those of Letme, Mlxg, Karsa or Uzi. But before we get down to business, let’s see how RNG got here.

Season review

Like its South Korean namesake, RNG has been quite a demolition in the regular season. Although not so much was expected of the Chinese organization after the changes made to their squad, from the first moment they were at the top of the table. Just two series lost (BLG and JDG) of sixteen disputed and some scandal numbers. As a curiosity, they have not made a single change in any of the disputed maps.

Already in the playoffs, classified directly for the final phase, things did not start on the right foot. The series versus FPX left everyone standing in their seats before the clamoring 3-0 what did you recieve. But RNG was not going to leave the championship so fast. Fighting tooth and nail, the Chinese team resisted two of the most even and entertaining series we’ve seen in a long time, and they managed to endorse a 3-2 first to TES, then to EDG. Revenge against FPX would not wait.

The traction taken by the RNG players was noticed on the day of the grand final, and from the 3-0 that had happened two weeks ago, there was nothing left. Although FPX started hitting again, Crying and Gala put on their work boots and performed a luxury series. Thus, RNG managed to return to the path of victory, and with a 3-1 final, they took the LPL crown. In this way, RNG would be the Chinese representative for MSI, their fetish tournament.

Team analysis

Although we already did a deep review of the Chinese team, we are going to leave the keys once again of the RNG game. A well-built team, with lines that are more than solvent and with a couple in the bottom lane of the strongest on the planet. RNG arrives at MSI 2021 to once again nail the flag of its region on the international scene.

If with DWG KIA we were talking about mid-jungle duo, with RNG we cannot put them aside. We already made the comparison of Wei and Cryin with Sam and Frodo, but we never tire of repeating it. Although Wei has a Canyon-like profile, he is not that playful, and is more enabler for his companions (although he does not weigh down when he plays the role of first sword). Udyr, Lillia or Olaf, of its most played champions.

The differences between ShowMaker and Cryin they are noteworthy too. The Chinese center lane likes more group fights, in which you can shine with choices like Orianna, Viktor or Azir. Although it may lack the aggressiveness of the South Korean, it is a life insurance as well. And speaking of aggressiveness, the one who is not lacking is his partner GALA.

Our roster that will be heading to Reykjavík has been decided.

Coaching Staff – Tabe (remote), Poppy
Top Lane – Xiaohu, Xiaobai
Jungle – Wei
Mid – Cryin
Support – Ming, Lele

See you soon on the rift #RNGWIN

– Royal Never Give Up (@RNGRoyal) April 25, 2021

The shooter is perhaps the closest profile to DWG players, minus Ming. Not only are their most played champions alike, but the positioning is very good in both cases, and being accompanied by two of the best in the world, It’s fundamental. Ming is not a stranger to anyone, but the Chinese support continues to dazzle with his masterful initiations with Alistar, Rell or Gragas, for example.

Finally, the once criticized. Xiaohu is living a second youth from upper street. Follower of the religion of strange choices, is positioned as one of the best of its position in the world, and we will see if it can maintain it. Although its most played champion has been Gnar, We have seen countless magicians in an area that does not belong to them.

Future at MSI 2021 for RNG

The Chinese club is in the easiest group of all, with PGG and UOL. It remains to be seen how they adapt to play without your coach there, but they should not have problems until the semifinals. Of the duel between DWG and RNG It will be decided which region has the most MSI trophies, since so far the tie at 2 is a reality.

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