MSI 2021: DWG KIA looks to continue expanding its legend

By Ucatchers

The M: YES returns in 2021 after a year without dispute because of the pandemic. The respective champions of each of the qualifying regions for international tournaments are at their annual appointment to measure the forces of their competitions. From South Korea comes DWG KIA to play this MSI 2021. The current world champions are looking for the tournament they need to continue chaining victories.

Season review

DWG KIA spring season has been everything a walk through your region. They have shown a very high level that put their rivals on the ropes before even facing each other. The regular season for them was a real process. They hardly suffered against the “greats” and the only two Bo3 who lost were against Fredit BRION and Gen.G. Not only did they not drop from second place in the 10 weeks of competition, but from the third week, nobody took the lead from them.

A short summary of all the awards obtained in the regular phase: MVP for Canyon, Player of the Split for ShowMaker, tied with two more players. What’s more, up to three players appeared in the All Pro Team, one in the second and fifth player in the third team of the regular season. Finally, both ShowMaker as Ghost were the two players with the most KDA (excluding Cuzz with 30 less maps and Teddy with 20).

If you thought that this would change in the playoffs, nothing could be further from the truth. Qualified directly for the semifinals, they had to face Hanwha life to decide the first runner-up. The result was a resounding 3-0 (no game exceeded 35 minutes) and with hardly showing his cards.

But you do not need to show your cards when the opponent does not fight. The final, before Gen.G, It was another 3-0 from manual, in which he only suffered on one of the maps. Strange choices like him Heimerdinger support of BeryL They show that the whole of DWG has much more than what it has taught.

Team analysis

MSI 2021 will be a litmus test for DWG. The rest of the teams have little to lose or prove, while the enemy to beat of all will be the South Korean team. The quintet that we already know by heart is a perfectly assembled gear. Each one knows what their role is and takes it to perfection.

If there are two stars on the team, those are Canyon and ShowMaker. One of the best mid-jungle pairs in the world (if not the best), who after years of playing together is perfectly understood. Although Canyon may have more resources than usual for his position, his main role is not that of being the main sword, although he has proven to be. Throughout the season he has been playing very different champions since Nidalee or Graves to Udyr or Hecarim, demonstrating its versatility.

The other member of this duo, ShowMaker, is the so-called “jugón”. He can play any style on the Rift, and the proof is his three most played champions: Syndra, Zoe and Viktor. In addition, he has drawn some choices such as Seraphine, Zilean or Yone who have done their job in the same way. Either through your aggressiveness in the 1vs1 or by rotations Along with his jungle, the South Korean center lane is always a headache.

But for a castle to stand it needs at least a third leg. That is the job of Ghost, shooter. Historically he has been a bulky player, who has not stood out too much. However, since the World Cup, the player is one of the most decisive adc’s. Even if the amount of resources you get does not match the damage done (24.1% gold for 22.5% damage), his style is different. By having others do a leading edge job, Ghost can play Senna or Ezreal. Even so be very careful with your Kai’Sa.

Last but not least, the two bodyguards. Khan and BeryL are a perfect couple. Support like to play initiation champions like Alistar or Rell, but just as powerful with champions like Seraphine or your “weird” choices. Khan, for his part, knows his role perfectly. Although he is capable of being just another sword, his team needs him to be a stone or at the very least keep a low profile. Thus Sion, Gnar or Gangplank are constant in your game.

To lead a winning team, you need a winning coaching staff. Thus, kkOma and PoohManDu they have been found again with victory, after a not very fruitful passage through China. From their thinking heads come many of the excellent starting points that their boys carry out to perfection afterwards in the Rift.

Future at MSI 2021 for DWG KIA

The MSI 2021 seems to be a thing of two. Although we hope to be wrong, there seem to be two sets above the rest. Still, the South Korean champion should start with an advantage. They have been together longer, they have been a winning nucleus since last summer and the desire to continue expanding the legend is there. In an affordable group for them, they should not have problems until the semifinals at the earliest. If we had to put our hands on fire for any team, it would undoubtedly be for the victory of DWG KIA at MSI 2021.

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