MSI 2021: All Qualified Teams and Their Groups

By Ucatchers

The leagues from all over the planet they already have a champion and therefore a guest for him next MSI to be held in Reykjavik among the best teams. From the great regions like Europe or Korea even more minority regions – but never less important – such as Thailand or Vietnam they will all gather at this year’s first international LoL party.

Will be next May 6th when the long-awaited international competition to crown a new MSI champion begins, as G2 Esports was out during the LEC playoffs this spring split. In turn, the last finalist will not be either, since it was Cloud 9 the one in charge of winning them in the final.

DAMWON KIA is the favorite team to win the MSI

As for the large regions, DAMWON KIA was the first winner on the list last April 10th at the end of a LCK which was led at all times by those of Showmaker. The current world champions are clear favorites to win this international tournament after not knowing defeat in all the knockout phase in Korea.

For its counterpart we find RNG, who got the past April 18th reign again in a fairly disputed league throughout the season unlike the aforementioned LCK. Xiaohu and Ming will return to a tournament that was crowned three years ago but this time without the legend of Uzi as a shooter.

Europe and North America start as aspirants to beat China and Korea

On the part of our continent it will be MAD Lions the one who tries to surprise Reykjavik in his second international competition. Led by Elyoya and Armut, the international level of lions is expected to be better than that of the world past in Shanghai where they were eliminated during the play-in with their current toplaner as executioner.

As to North America, Cloud9 wants to once again be one of the teams to be reckoned with in international competitions as before. Led by the Croatian Perkz and the danish Zven, the American team will face DAMWON KIA in the first round of this M: YES so it will be possible to see if the level of the teams is worthy during the first stages of the tournament.

PSG Talon and GAM Esports, the “Underdogs” teams to beat at MSI

PSG Talon He will once again be the Taiwanese representative in an international competition of which they have only lost one match since the last World Cup. It will be the main rival to beat by the lions, which will have a moderately affordable group stage and that, if all goes well, they will go to the next phase without any problem.

On the other hand you will find GAM Esports, who returns again to international meetings after a year of absence. Perhaps many remember it as Gigabyte Marines, who led the Vietnamese scene and from which Fnatic had severe headaches in the 2017 world cup when he got his miracle run in the world championship.

Remaining classifieds and group distribution

The remaining qualifiers for the MSI are as follows:

  • CIS (Russian Region and Vicinity): Unicorns of Love
  • LLA (Latin America): Infinity Esports
  • TCL (Turkey): Istanbul wildcats
  • CBLOL (Brazil): Pain gaming
  • LJL (Japan): Detonation FM
  • LCO (Oceania):

The three groups of the first phase of the MSI will be made up of the following clubs:

MSI 2021 GroupsMSI 2021 GroupsThese are the groups formed for this year’s MSI; Source: Lolesports

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