Movistar Riders wins its third consecutive ESL Masters

By Ucatchers

Movistar Riders has done it again, has won the ESL Masters for the third time in a row. It has undoubtedly become the talismanic competition of horsemen, who they had already won the 2nd, 7th and 8th seasons Of the same. As in the two previous editions, the final was against the Portuguese from sAw. The Portuguese have had to settle for a runner-up again. Next, we tell you what these ESL Masters Season 9 Playoffs have given of themselves.

What happened in the semifinals?

On Saturday, May 1, the semifinals of Season 9 of the ESL Masters were played. The first match was a Portuguese duel between OFFSET and sAw. This confrontation only had one owner and lord, since sAw dominated both maps winning 16-7 at Inferno and 16-6 at Nuke. Both stadodo and JUST were the fittest players in this Portuguese derby.

The second game faced the Brazilians from Case Esports and Movistar Riders, a duel that already took place a month and a half ago in the Unity Cup and that was about to go away in favor of Case Esports. This semifinal It was very close and the tension was even chewed on the faces and gestures of the players, if not ask smooya.

The first map Case Esports chose was Nuke and Movistar Riders won 16-12 thanks to smooya’s immeasurable work with AWP. However, Case Esports managed to tie the score by winning the second map that was the riders’ choice. Mirage went in favor of the Brazilians by 16 to 9, with a great performance from delboNi and yepz.

The third and last map was in Inferno with a very even first half. But smooya, once again, was decisive for Movistar Riders to be able to distance themselves on the scoreboard and take the 16-11 win against the Brazilians. With this they certified the pass to their third consecutive final in the ESL Masters.

Once again final between Movistar Riders and sAw

On Sunday May 2 took place the grand final between Movistar Riders and sAw. This time there was a place at stake for the ESL National Championship Global Playoffs, an international competition that grants a place to the Play-in of the IEM Cologne 2021. In addition, the winner of Season 9 of the ESL Masters would win € 6,000.

The final started very well for the riders on the Vertigo map, who went into halftime with 14 rounds to favor. The defensive trio of alex, mopoz and smooya at A’s point was unshakable. Finally, Movistar Riders won the first Vertigo map 16 to 6 and it was placed with advantage in this final to three maps.

On the second Mirage map there was no clear dominator and both teams stayed very close on the scoreboard. But the riders demonstrated a defensive solidity that earned them to win the match 16-13. The MVP of the final was taken by smooya, the British player from Movistar Riders was intractable throughout the final.

May 25 Movistar Riders has an appointment at the ESL National Championship Global Playoffs, which brings together several champions of ESL competitions from different countries. Will Movistar Riders be able to conquer this international competition and seal their pass to the Play-in of the IEM Cologne 2021?

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