Monza Esports, Tesla Invitational starts

By Ucatchers

The challenges for the Monza Team Esports they never end. Today, starting at 17:00 o’clock, Er Caccia and Nzorello will face the Monza players on FIFA 21. Both the players of the red and white association are therefore called to confirm the excellent results achieved this season in a challenge outside the box and completely new in the Italian scene.

Thanks to Tesla Batteries, a Prague-based company that produces high-quality batteries and batteries for a wide range of home and professional environments, introduces the Tesla Invitational. The first appointment will see Er Caccia and the Atalanta school midfielder engaged Andrea Colpani. To choose the game mode will be the latter between:

Tesla GOLD: footballer with his FUT squad and pro player with Monza

Tesla SILVER: footballer with his FUT squad and pro player with silver squad

Tesla BLUE: player with national team of your choice and pro player with Monza

Tesla 2032: footballer and pro player with FUT squad, the footballer starts from 2-0

A new way to experience the colors of your favorite team during the week and get to know the players better even outside the pitch. The event will be broadcast on the Twitch channel Monza official, which you can find here.

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